Can A Ninja 300 Wheelie?

Can A Ninja 300 Wheelie?
So after several requests for the ninja 300 to be wheelied I was finally able to find my buddy @timbostunts with his freshly setup ninja 300. No extra power vs. stock besides slightly higher gearing I put it to the dank test to see what these beginner bikes are all about!

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BIKE: 2002 Honda CBR F4i

Helmet – Icon AirFrame Pro Pleasure Dome 2
Jacket – Icon Team Merc Jacket (Red/Black)
Gloves – Speed and Strength Leather

– GoPro Hero 4 Silver (1080P 60fps superview)
– Sam Ash GoPro Mic lavalier

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25 thoughts on “Can A Ninja 300 Wheelie?

  1. if u can wheelie any Bike u can wheelie a 300kawasaki I have!!!! stock no less. and if u can’t wheelie a 300 there’s is something wrong with u ! I mean anyone!!!

  2. do a video on the victory octane
    i know it’s a cruiser but people can wheelie that bike pretty well

  3. I bet DankWheelie could wheelie a bicycle with a weed eater engine on it lol

  4. If you come to Oklahoma you can wheelie my cbr 250r btw it does wheelie

  5. Hopefully you will get back at me but would you be strictly against turning a ninja 300 with ABS into a stunt bike ? Frankly , its all i was able to save up for and i habe come to realize i have a growing passion for stunting . Anybody have any feedback as far as ABS goes ?

  6. Hey just wondering what is the gearing on this Ninja 300 stock is 14/42. Did he upgrade the rear sprocket?

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