BOLTR: Kawasaki Motorcycle Starter

BOLTR: Kawasaki Motorcycle Starter
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9 thoughts on “BOLTR: Kawasaki Motorcycle Starter

  1. The starter on most jap bikes plugs into a small gear that has a one way bearing inside the engine/transmission case then a chain runs from your gear to the crankshaft. Usually works pretty good until the one way bearing starts slipping then your screwed but a jap bike to me is a throw away item run it for a few yrs (if ya get that lucky) and drive her like ya stole it.

  2. Thanks for all the good video’s. Keep it up !!! Not all the time though that would hurt!!!

  3. Please check out the new automotive starters with no solenoid. Have they gone back to cetnrifical drives??? Slap that fucker in a vise and it won’t scare ya!

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