Bobber Chopper Ratbike – 1978 Kawasaki Motorcycle Kickstart

Bobber Chopper Ratbike – 1978 Kawasaki Motorcycle Kickstart
What can I say…… I like it. Front brake only. Kickstart only. And for those of you who are gonna tell me to get a real bike or a Harley or a Triumph bobber……. I couldnt afford one……thats why there is a bicycle seat on the darn thing… BUDGET. let me know what you think

26 thoughts on “Bobber Chopper Ratbike – 1978 Kawasaki Motorcycle Kickstart

  1. OneThirtyEightMK, your comment sucks ass, he’s prooud of what he did. So shut the fuck up!

  2. Be sure to put a rear brake on it as soon as absolutely possible. I do prefer Harleys, but we do what we can afford. Don’t pay any attention to “Crap” from the criticizers- most of them are still “peddling” their bikes.

  3. lmao.. i just went and bought a bicycle seat myself for my ironhead build.. 20 bucks beats 150 any day.. and it matches the bike perffectly lol..i appriciate when someone is creative and makes a bike there’s. i wouldnt pay no mind to tha haters bro.

  4. fuck that homie, shits sick man when you’re on a budget you do what you can! “built not bought!” i give you props for doing what you could with what you had man, thats the real biker mentality as long as you can hit the road and ride, fuck what everyone else says!

  5. That was my first bike!!!Perfect bike to start with 78 Kz650 A.K.A the “Buzz Bomb” motor strong and dependable and quick. I’m trying to find a dead one and bring it back to life. Great job!!!

  6. You did a good job Unique. Doesn’t matter what make it is just enjoy and ride!

  7. Nice job man. Never have seen a suicide brake on the front. It has character, maybe more then some of the people commenting here. Lol.

  8. Hey nice one man, nice trick with the bandana too, don’t pay attention to any of the Butt Holes around, they just spew crap out any way!!!! I was bobbin Honda’s over 25 years ago, cause I couldn’t afford a Harley or Triumph, the joy is in riding and it doesn’t matter what you drive!!!!!!

  9. I have a Harley Davidson Street Bob. The original Bobber!!! but i have to say i really like your bike. I would definitely like a similar bike when i know im not goin far.

  10. “The original bobber!” Well I know you’re a happy streetbob owner, no doubt. (I had a -07 StreetbobĀ once before I tried a Triumph)Ā But I just couldn’t leave it! What is actually the original bobber? Well, the fact that it is a bobber makes itĀ a noneĀ original bike! I guess I can start an avalanche writing this! But come on, let’s look back at history and get Things right! Then you know what I mean! Merry Christmas!

  11. Nice bike ! Is it comfortable with the straight handle bars raised like that ? Looking to build myself and i liked those handlebars. Thanks

  12. is a great job man, some of us dont have a lot of money instead we have the power to use the brain

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