BMW Test Ride with Kawasaki H2 – Beach Bike Night

BMW Test Ride with Kawasaki H2 – Beach Bike Night
I now want to own a BMW S1000rr.

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30 thoughts on “BMW Test Ride with Kawasaki H2 – Beach Bike Night

  1. So many people hating on the s1000rr cause they don’t have one or never rode one. so they have no idea what there talking about. So many people bandwagon everything who gives af. ride your own ride and don’t worry what everyone else is doing!

  2. this isn’t dankwheelie… the real dank would ride it like he stole it… this guy rode it with common sense 0.0

  3. s1000rr is basically the Supersport version of a gs1200? it’s awesome that the bike has all those rider aids.

  4. I was torn between the BMW and ZX10 but after riding both im glad I went with the zx10. For some reason the bmw feels like im sitting on a plush marshmallow to me. Good bike though.

  5. wow that jump from 109 to 140 was pretty quick….and in 4th? Lol not used to that type of pick up.

  6. If there is one thing that pisses me off is not using a quickshifter when the bike has it.

  7. Love you videos bro, always entertaining. Keep it up. What’s the song in the intro?

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