BMW S1000RR, Gorgeous Ladies, Motorcycle Crash, Kawasaki NINJA ZX6R, Etc…

BMW S1000RR, Gorgeous Ladies, Motorcycle Crash, Kawasaki NINJA ZX6R, Etc…
All Credits to the Boys of The MAKABAYAN RIDERS!
Many thanks to the gorgeous girls who were on this video. You girls ROCK!

Background Music, composed by the uploader.

31 thoughts on “BMW S1000RR, Gorgeous Ladies, Motorcycle Crash, Kawasaki NINJA ZX6R, Etc…

  1. hey Mark i love these videos but why have you been uploading collage of old videos lately?

  2. hey mark! what do you say about suzuki gsx-r 600/750/1000 .. are they good? (compared to maybe kawasaki etc.)

  3. you cant go wrong with any jap bike in this range.. they feel a little cheap to me compared to my zx10r, but the seating position felt nicer on the jixxr.. imo its personal preference. if your inexpirenced i would look elsewhere, these bikes are not for beginners.

  4. that guy on the 250.. is sitting off the bike, is hit but even on it? he is scraping pegs and rides twisted.. now its your job to tell him 😛

  5. yea i know that.. i will buy a ninja 250r to learn.. when i ride a 250 for 2 years i am allowed to ride whatever i want (law in germany).. so i think i will sell my ninja in 2 years and buy a gsx-r 600 .. i dont think i need a faster bike.. not into that racing stuff hehe maybe my mind will change 🙂

  6. You sound like the kind of losers that blow their load in their pants when they actually meet these girls in person.

  7. eheh i know it ain’t a problem for me 😉 i was just curious if yuo’re having less time for riding and such 🙂

  8. about the girls, come on now junior! why? is your mom prettier than these girls when she was younger? i bet not! these girls are beautiful and you are the type of guy who would not have these kind of girls until you die. 🙂

  9. The guy riding in the yellow jersey makes me nervous. He’s way to squirley on his turn! :/

  10. nope. not my job. just for fun and to bring entertainment to all of u guys. thanks my friend..

  11. great job with the vids…can’t believe some of the comments by keyboard bad asses.

  12. Was the guy on the 250r trying to knee drag??? Because it looked kinda weird how his body was leaning off and the bike wasn’t even at 45 degree angle lol

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