Bike Walkaround +Stunt Motovlog

Bike Walkaround +Stunt Motovlog
Motorcycle – 2005 Kawasaki Ninja Zx6r (636)


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20 thoughts on “Bike Walkaround +Stunt Motovlog

  1. Dude your great I just about went through all your videos there great keep it up and cop stuff is always great

  2. “Now with these slow wheelies…” hasent done a slow wheelie…. lol keep at it dude! You should get down slow wheelies first rather than trying to go trick to trick and messing them all up.

  3. when you have the idle at 3 and a half k do you give it any throttle in first to get the front up? doesnt look like you give it any looks like you just dump the clutch.

  4. i used to do forth gear stand up wheelies on my ttr 125 but i didnt have a rear hand break. I could keep the wheelies up for a few hundred yards but then i crashed going 40-50 and bent everything that can be bent and messed up my hip pretty bad i fixed it but i dont do stand up wheelies anymore. maybe once i get a handbrake.

  5. why you not use the hand brake and keep pw let some air out the back tire slow long wheelies for days

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