Best Dual Sport Motorcycle For Beginners – Looking For Adventure!!

Best Dual Sport Motorcycle For Beginners – Looking For Adventure!! Best Dual Sport Motorcycle For Beginners – Looking For Adventure!!

Dual Sport Motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes, but there is only one suitable for beginners and that is the Kawasaki KLR 650.

The reason why this is the best dual sport motorcycle for beginners is because it is the only dual sport bike legally built to suit the learner category of bike for most countries. Even though it has a lot of torque, it is fast on road and very capable, it only has 47 horsepower and fits into the complicated formula the legislators use to categorise “Learner Bikes”.

So there you have it, if you want a learner bike, and you want a dual sport, you have to buy the best dual sport motorcycle for beginners, the KLR 650.

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  1. Im 17 and i think a 650 is too big for me. Do you recommend anything else?

  2. So i have been riding a honda rebel for a couple of months and the lack of power is getting a little old, i want a dual sport and have ridden a tw200, is the klr 650 comparable in size to the tw200?

  3. The KLR is waaaaaay to heavy for any beginner. Yamaha wr 250r or the honda 250l are by far the best beginner dual sports bikes. And if you just want the best enduro/dual sport bike buy a Ktm 350 or the 500 exc. I personally have had all these bikes and now a Ktm 500 exc, BY FAR the best dual sport bike money can buy. The KTMs are the do anything and go anywhere bikes. You will be limited by the weight and bulk of the KLRs.

  4. WRONG!!! Klr’s stink sweaty donkey %#%@. DRZ400 or wr250r are way better.  The drz probably has about the same hp and the wr250r has a six speed tranny.  The wr doesn’t need a oil change for 6k miles and doesn’t need a valve check for 26k miles.  The KLR is the biggest, fattest pig on and off road.  It is based on technology from the stinking ’80s.  Forget about this bike it S T I N K S!!!

  5. Way to heavy for beginners.  And excellent ADV bike for those on a budget.  But too heavy for a first bike.  Ok, beginners might be OK on the tar but as soon as they get in the bush its going to be problems mate.  47 hp, and I have a bridge to sell you.  My hopped up DR 650 doesn’t make that and I smoke KLRs.  Still the KLR is my recommendation for the cheapest go anywhere bike.

  6. While I love my KLR, I don’t think it’s the best for a beginner. Yea it’s a good all rounder, but it can be quite heavy and tall for some beginners. I think a 250cc or 400cc would be better for a true beginner especially an average girl if you going to do any real off-roading. If you don’t want to spend a lot get the older gen KLR it’s just as good ( better in my opinion) and you don’t have to worry about the plastics as much.

  7. 2015 KLR 650, my 1st bike, probably 2 or so miles on a dirt bike. I bought it brand new with 2.3 miles, and now 4 months later I have 4400 miles on her. Never laid her down(except once to see how hard it was to lift up, right after I got her), not too big or heavy for me.. of course I’m 6 ft even, 42 yrs old and I’m not going to do stupid stuff that I’d do if I was younger.

  8. Nice vid. ? I put my KLR in neutral while running and it shuts off when I put the side stand down. What gives?

  9. The KLR650 is the WORST dualsport motorcycle for beginners because it is the heaviest.

    The DR650 and XR650L are lighter dualsport bikes in the 650cc category. Then you have MUCH lighter bikes like the Drz400, the wr250r and the crl250l.

    Most true dualsport bikes lack FI. There is nothing remarkable about the fact that the KLR has no FI.

  10. Great beginner bike. I have rode motorcycles all my life. Over 50 years old. One of my favorite bikes I’ve ever owned. 68,000 miles on and off Road on my current one that is a 2013. To each his own and I respect that.

  11. This isnt a beginner’s bike by no means way to will drop it fur sur and its a bitch when loaded to get it up on the flat forget about on a hill.the dr350 is way better.or klr250

  12. I ride the heavy BMW R1150GS Adventure, and am seriously considering an older used KLR 650 as a second vacation bike. It may have low power, but the lighter bike will provide easier travel in rougher terrain.

  13. This bike is not…I repeat not for beginners. Much to heavy, beginners need something such as a ttr model.

  14. The klr is a jack of all trades but master of none. its a adventure bike that you will always ride on the road. when I used to go to offroad parks. I would only find them on the flat sections. while the dr650 and xr650l were everywhere. if your looking for a first bike try a 250. lower seat height, less weight, and most likely cheaper.

  15. i know that below the equator the water in the sink drains in reverse , but i did not know bikes are reversed , your disk brakes are on the wrong side ,……..Hmmm , what gives ?    🙂

  16. This is the first bike I’d like to have. What would you think the shortest inseam someone could have to own a bike like this?

  17. You seem to know sweet f#%K all about the bike, just dribbling utter shit. Good plug for your business though. I hope you know a bit more about that than you do about the bike.

  18. You have never rode a Honda? Kawasaki makes the best Jetski. When it comes to motorcycles Honda is the best.The duel sport Honda 650 is the best.

  19. Klr650 isn’t really the best for anything. Older bike like an xt350, klr250/Sherpa would be much much better for beginners.

  20. ive been riding motorcycles ever since i could walk basically and good for you for starting on a hayabusa if thats the bike you like i personally have more fun on a duelsport and i promise you kawasaki is one of the four greatest at building bikes.

  21. The klr650 more specifically 08 onward are a fantastic bike… Its a big dirt bike with wind protection. I don’t think you will find a bike that will be as comfortable on all types of terrain. These things are cheap as too. You made a great choice

  22. I ride a KLR and it is a great bike. You can not beat the price and parts are cheap! Yes it is a bit tall. I am 5″8 and it is factory so its about as tall as I want without being lowered. If you want to go that route its cheap to do also. The bike does everything. I can and do ride it to work and the next week be on the Alpine Loop or Slick Rock in Moab. Now its not going to be a bike that roosts it out of the corners or soars off jumps but thats not what it is. Its a right in the middle of the road do all bike that gets it done. Last year did the Alpine Loop and Moab with a KTM 1190 Adventure R and an Africa Twin. I can report that they did nothing that the KLR did not do. Are the other bikes built to handle more advanced riding…sure but not many people ride that way. I spend lots of time with Team Orange and the BMW coffee shop crew and can tell you I have never ran into a spot that I could not follow along. The KLR has a great riding position and feel for those that want to do some touring, some not to advanced trail work and see the world or whats on the other side of a hill down the street. The lack of EFI makes it easy to work on and my stock jetting has taken me from sea level to 13,000 feet without being changed. If I could tell you one thing you must do get a flush mount oil drain plug! even with a good rock guard the factory drain plug will stick down to low. Hit it just right and you will crack an engine case…..Trust me.

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