Best Beginner Motorcycle Ever [250cc or 600cc]

Best Beginner Motorcycle Ever [250cc or 600cc]
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4/3/14 Moto Vlog: CycleCruza reveals his #1 pick for the best beginner motorcycle and explains the importance of a 250cc motorcycle.
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Best Beginner Motorcycle
Best Beginner Motorcycle
Best Beginner Motorcycle
Best Beginner Motorcycle

Beginner Motorcycle
Beginner Motorcycle
Beginner Motorcycle
Beginner Motorcycle

Kawasaki Ninja 250r
Kawasaki Ninja 250r
Kawasaki Ninja 250r
Kawasaki Ninja 250r

Kawasaki Ninja 300
Kawasaki Ninja 300
Kawasaki Ninja 300
Kawasaki Ninja 300

Honda cbr250r
Honda cbr250r
Honda cbr250r
Honda cbr250r

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40 thoughts on “Best Beginner Motorcycle Ever [250cc or 600cc]

  1. First off your a great instructor I have a 2008 ninja 250rr it’s a fantastic bike duz everything I want it to its fun .I will never sell it .now teaching my girlfriend to ride it she loves it .I told her be a rider not a backpack don’t get me wrong I just got my new r6 so now we can ride together I still love my 250rr

  2. I remember I got to school with my kawasaki ninja H2R and all the guys were like, the fuck, SHE, so a girl, can ride a bike? The fuck? And I was actually laughing so hard…

  3. Funny how I am a woman and I am subscribed to your channel but I don’t know nothing about bikes lol

  4. all of the 250s around my area are like 3k and up used…heck I found a cbr 600rr for 4k I have a hard time buying the little brother for 1k less

  5. Hey, Ive been riding dirtbikes/ motorbikes ever since I was seven. I am currently 15, and thinking about getting a motorcycle licence. I was thinking about purchasing a Kawasaki 300, but I am about 5’6″, and growing every day. So, I was just wondering of anybody had any suggestions on a certain type of bike. Like I said, I have been riding and working on motorcycles ever since I was seven, so I am even wondering of I need a beginner bike. If anyone has any suggestions, please reply. 

    Thank You.

  6. i like the “may” in 250. Ladies around here know. Lots of ladies ride in the D.M.V.

  7. Just remember folks, this is just his opinion. You can go out with a 250cc or a 600cc, with the 600cc you wont have the “awh man wish I had more power” 4 months later.

  8. I csn already tell i’m getting a kawasaki ninja 250 for a beginner bike and I’m only 12 years old!!!

  9. instead of wasting money on a ninja 250r – stay home – jerk off and then buy a real bike

  10. fuck the 600cc, every girl that rides has one and will tell you if your not a manlet to get a litre bike

  11. hey CycleCruza I live in the Caribbean and there isnt much 250s around for new riders to choose from as a beginner. Only small bikes avaliable are new 125s and 150 which cost almost the same as a used 600. i have learned to ride on a 2002 CBRF4I and have practiced on that for about 4 months now. so i was wondering based on my situation and lack of 250 but plenty 600s should i get an 06 F4I as my first bike

  12. So how exactly do you accelerate fast on a bike? Is it just a matter of bigger engine size, or is there a technique?

  13. I’ve had years of experience since 2005 of riding a 125cc bike. So I’m wondering if I could get a 600cc bike for my level of riding now. But I just moved here in Canada from Philippines and it’s been almost a year that I haven’t had a ride with any bikes here. I need your suggestion bro 🙂

  14. i want to start riding and I am going to be 17 years old because its a lot more convenient and parking is easier to find. Is this a good idea or not because I know insurance would be pretty expensive and all that

  15. If the price is very similar would it be better the 2011 or 2012

  16. CycleCruza bro i need some help im stuck between picking out my first bike and i LOVE the fucken CBR but its way too damn high for me i need to tilt the bike on its side to get a foot on the ground im 5’8 need some Solid advice i want to buy a CBR 250RR but it aint available in US so im stuck choose the CBR 300 R or the CBR 600 RR and sad part is im already in love with the CBR 600 RR at the dealership i feel like ima be buying my death wish lol..

  17. Thank you for all the great videos and the information is great I would like to know is it possible to start on big bike from day one in the us the reason I ask is because in the uk we start training on 125 cc and as the training progress you then go up to a 500cc while training and then do your test on a 500 cc for your full license .

  18. What do you think about the Yamaha MT-07 (Learner Approved version in Australia, 655cc, 52hp, 42.4 ft lb) for a beginner?

  19. Listen get a 250 if your just learning seriously, it is the best bike to learn on. sure it’s not as quick or fast as a 600 but believe me when i say the 250 is very forgiving it will let you know when you make a mistake and forgive you for it! the 600 will not. oh and get a Ninja not a Honda the Honda is nice 2 but the Ninja just looks and feels better and it’s easier to ride!

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  21. hey CycleCruza i had a ninja 250r for 2 years and i rode it every day. I sold it and now i am considering buying a 2005 cbrr 1000. Whats your opinion? Am i going to have trouble or i’ll be fine if i take it slow?

  22. Purchased my first bike in April a 2012 ninja 250r for about 2300!! Loving it

  23. Cyclecruza! what are your thoughts on a ninja 500? I’m a new rider and I just picked up a 2009 for my first bike and I’ve been loving it so far.

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