Beginner Rides Kawasaki Ninja 250

Beginner Rides Kawasaki Ninja 250
Beginner Rides Kawasaki Ninja 250
This is his second ride, not bad for a beginner rider.

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19 thoughts on “Beginner Rides Kawasaki Ninja 250

  1. Yay new rider so he doesn’t wear any gear…. FFS if he dropped the bike or crashed due to inexperience he would be fucked.

  2. this guy lets out the clutch way to fast as he’s taking off lmao fuck that haha in a bigger bike he would launch haha. ride safe my friend !

  3. What add-ons would be a good edition to my a bike I just bought. (Kawaski ninja 2008). I know frame sliders are a must but anything else?

  4. I love that bike and nice video . I wanna get one of those bikes for spring , hopefully I have enough . they don’t look very expensive used with some dents .

  5. Pull in the clutch down shifting to first as you aply the brakes if you come to a stop before down shifting keep clutch pulled in downshift to first while your at the stop then take off like normal. ..look bolth ways lol

  6. The girls socks pain me and girls shoes…..forever you tube NOOOB! IM GUESSING HE HAS BOOTS AND GEAR BY NOW!!

  7. hey please answer but I though while shifting gears you had to left out the clutch slowly it looks like he’s just pressing it real quick and releasing?

  8. Quick question, is that the normal loudness for revving and shifting (at around 2-2500 rpms) or is he pushing it to around 3-5? it sounds fairly loud and i just wanted to know if thats normal. doing some research before getting into the motorcycle world

  9. Ok, just from watching the FIRST 55 seconds of him riding I paused the video at 0:59 seconds to put this response comment in.
    I am realizing this…. He is throwing the clutch which is a bad habit as I was told.
    I never rode a motorcycle before, so if im wrong please someone correct me, but i have always been told and even seen it a few times on youtube where people are saying ‘dont” get into the habit of throwing the clutch.

  10. Bro their selling me one for 450$ plus 160$ in back tags but only thing it’s leaking gas when ever he rides it it spits out gas like crazy he said from top of carborator ? Easy fix ? Only 4000 miles a 06

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