Asian mom’s first time on my motorcycle. Kawasaki 636

Asian mom’s first time on my motorcycle. Kawasaki 636
My Asian German mom. Mom’s first time on a motorcycle. After 5 years of owning a motorcycle, it’s my mom’s first time on my motorcycle and she even revved it πŸ˜€ My mom is coming on 60 and she is a freaking AWESOME.

27 thoughts on “Asian mom’s first time on my motorcycle. Kawasaki 636

  1. I’ve seen that look before. That’s the “yeah, I can see myself riding this bike” look ?

  2. That’s awesome! My mom regularly rides my dads gixxer (no pun intended). I soon will follow, probably on a 300 or 600 though.

  3. I love your mother’s reaction when she revved it for the first time, and also please marry me.

  4. The daughter is hot, i would love to give her some special riding on my thick fat motorcycle πŸ˜‰

  5. lol is she filipino?? Ahaha my Mom used to ride mopeds in the PI and would tag a long with me Dad when they were rippin and running the streets on dirt bikes and sport bikes!

  6. my mom is teaching me how to ride my Hayabusa next week coming from a ninja 250..wish me luck

  7. Both daughter and mom are beautiful. My parents would kill me if I ever got a bike, lol. With that being said, can’t wait till I get my FZ-07.

  8. shit my mom took off on the first bike i had ..brand new with 50 miles..i was biting my nails the whole time

  9. Have you ever taken your mom for a spin on your bike? If not, do you think this is something she would agree to try? Lol

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