Another motorcycle motor swap: Kawasaki LTD454

Another motorcycle motor swap: Kawasaki LTD454
How to pull it out, and drop it in

28 thoughts on “Another motorcycle motor swap: Kawasaki LTD454

  1. You have to watch out, sometimes i can make your video popular by myself, lol

  2. hey max that doggie is funny lookin’ but i hope that wasn’t it rattling around in the dryer? 🙂

  3. I blame you for all the bikes in my back yard lol. I bought my kz305 and it broke down and then i really started to love working on bikes. I recently purchased 3 bikes for a screaming deal and got two of them running and they’re getting sold and picked up tomorrow. Its cool to think that you have put such a wealth of knowledge out there to keep thousands of bikes on the road.

    Next stop is rebuilding a cx500 motor that hasn’t run in 23 years!

    I love your channel, keep up the good work.

  4. Nice, thats how it starts haha. I miss my kz305 man, that bike had some spunk to it

  5. Hey max could you please do a video about unstable idle, i have a kawasaki and i really don’t know why my idle is so unstable i allready change the battery and clean up the carbs,, compression is good, spark plugs good too, cable coil and sparkplug cup new please help me

  6. Awesome to see you working on my bike max!!! You have any original leftover front footpegs from the part bike? Be happy to buy em….I’ve got some crummy aftermarkets from a previous owner. Thanks, man

  7. hey maxi new problem with my 81 xj650 I must have did something wrong when i put the carbs back on and i have already adjusted idle knob and rpms are constantly at 5k what do you think

  8. The Kawasaki 454 LTD!!!! My first bike. Wicked banana seat. I used to tie my bed roll to the passenger section of the seat and lean back for the ride. Good times.

  9. Keep working on this bike bro I just got one more info on would be great keep doing what you do

  10. Sorry it is already sold, but I think I have a couple videos on my channel which feature the 454

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