An Honest Review of the Kawasaki W800

An Honest Review of the Kawasaki W800
Often derided as being a pale imitation of the more ‘genuine’ Triumph Bonneville, I thought it was about time I took a proper look at the Kawasaki W800.

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  1. Finally bought one of these to shoot around town on.. got the last of the chrome ones ‘not the black looks shit ones’ and firstly it’s a whole lot better than my Harley in traffic and has surprised me how good it is on the freeway for 100K trips down the coast.More than that and I’m on the Harley. Within weeks of me taking delivery my son bought one too, so i guess they appeal to all ages.
    They are just easy to ride and great in traffic… and fun. The exhaust?? Its easy to rip out the baffles which delivers a nice pea shooter note reminiscent of early BSA’s. My local bike shop did the job for $70!!.. My son did his himself.
    Why they dropped the chrome ones and introduced black has me baffled… good news is there seems to always be used ones on with low k’s and they are generally owned and pre loved by old farts.

  2. I can’t understand your comment about the “real” Triumph of today not being genuine. It’s design and appearance, although more modern in technology, almost looks like a perfect Triumph of yesteryear. The Kawi, however will always be an imposter of a Triumph. That’s why Japan didn’t send it over here to the the U.S.. No one would buy it with the strong Triumph market here. If you are looking for the Triumph look, why buy a crappy Kawi?

  3. hahahahahaha,,,,,,love this review,,,,,,,,,,,,,never take yourself too seriously,,,,,,, it’s much better this way

  4. For me to desire a bike it must have carburetors and be air cooled and Kawasaki hell yeah they make good stuff.
    The W-650 had carby’s
    So I assume they cut the carby’s off the W800 to castrate it so it could comply with New World Order?
    But they are great looking retro bikes.

  5. Love the bike, I’m an American…Love your narration more! God Bless The USA…and you too.

  6. Probabely the greatest review I’ve ever seen. Very great humor and excellently made movie! Thanks alot for this, a real pearl that movie.

  7. I have a GSXR600 and looking to get another bike. Been looking at the W800 and your review has been so useful! Thanks!

  8. Bloody genius review again. Please stop being selfish and thinking bout yourself, rent, food and all those “me me me” things, quit your job and just do reviews. I’m not asking for much. Seriously.

  9. The best three reviews videos I ever seen on youtube are yours. Sir, please make more reviews, internet is a better place thanks to you.

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