AIR HORN on a MOTORCYCLE! Stebel Nautilus Installation Vlog – 2004 Kawasaki KLR650

AIR HORN on a MOTORCYCLE! Stebel Nautilus Installation Vlog – 2004 Kawasaki KLR650

Link to the Stebel Nautilus AIR HORN:

And a handy wiring kit I got for simplicity’s sake:

Mounting bracket template link:

Thanks for checking it out!

26 thoughts on “AIR HORN on a MOTORCYCLE! Stebel Nautilus Installation Vlog – 2004 Kawasaki KLR650

  1. I’ve been looking at this horn for months now to maybe replace the paltry OEM horn on my Yamaha V-Star 1300. Is it definitely way louder and does it hold up? I’ve read reviews where guys were reporting theirs were crapping out on them.

  2. @BansheeFifteen Mine’s been blowin’ strong ever since this install in January 2010. It is WAY louder than my stock KLR 650 horn was! I’m definitely glad I did the swap-out!

  3. @JLynnCognito OK thanks. I’d just hate to go through all the trouble of the install and then one year later it craps out. Plus, if I do it to mine, I’ll probably want to do it to my g/f’s bike who rides a bike that matches mine. Thanks for sharing.

  4. @russofamerica No, I haven’t yet. My problem is deciding on the cheaper plain jane black or the nicer looking more expensive chrome one. Also my g/f has a matching V-Star 1300 T, but she doesn’t think it needs it. I think we both need it. Looking at where the OEM is mounted looks like a fairly simple swap out. The only thing that would take some thought would be routing of a +- 12 volt line direct from the battery so it’s a clean installation. I might leave it for a Winter project.

  5. @russofamerica Thanks for the in hand description. I may not need more plastic chrome to try to take care of. Close look at the OEM and it’s not very ornamental. Also Biker Highway says “Stebel S.P.A is no longer in business.” They recommend the Wolo Bad Boy. This only adds to my buying consternation. Probably a very similar horn. At least it looks very similar.

  6. I like the horn….the stache, no. The abillity to live with mom and dad till you can grow the stache…funking amazing.

  7. No offense but you’re kindof awesome. When are you going to record a gnarly adventure on this thing?

  8. Horn is very loud, and wired up pretty easy….Can’t wait until I can scare the begiebies out of some texting cager.

  9. Since this is not a motorcycle-specific horn (I believe it was originally made for boats), it does not.

  10. dude that’s a GREAT video!!  Thanks for showing how you installed it!!  It’s 5:40 a.m. on the weekend and I can’t sleep.  I came across this video and cracked up laughing at the end and woke my girlfriend up LMAO

  11. Nice, I had a ’87 and a 00′ and always wanted to install an air horn, just never got around to it.

  12. Stabel horn on my 2006 Harley – the best thing I ever purchased.  can’t tell you how many on the phone drivers I woke up, especialy the other  gender type.  this horn has  saved my life.  previously had a cheaper one on the bike but it burned out right away.

  13. to anyone thinking of getting the horn. buy the relay and wiring kit. spend the 15 bucks more for the wiring kit. trust me.

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