750 Kawasaki Triple 1/4 mile

750 Kawasaki Triple 1/4 mile
Camera mounted on the tank at Indy. 9.64 134 m.p.h.

38 thoughts on “750 Kawasaki Triple 1/4 mile

  1. Brilliant bike but id rather put it in a different frame and take it round a track, one day my friends

  2. not only do they scream but the transmissions interchange between the H1 AND H2 I did it when I took out 2nd gear,they swap alright

  3. This video totally kicks ass!!! If you have never personally experienced the pure evil that these bikes deliver, you are missing out. I have owned many bikes big and small, new and old but nothing feeds my senses quite like the ORIGINAL Kawasaki H2 750! It’s like good wholesome rock and roll, It’s a satisfaction that never fades. Thanks Gary for cheering me up on this winter day, now I am stoked to go do some racing!

    Smokin Joe!!!

  4. wow at 1:18 – 1:19 right before the bike takes off, it made a very strange but cool sound. is that the 2 step rev limiter that you mentioned in the comments?

  5. Hey guys dumb question but it was my understanding that 2 strokes generally made almost twice the power of a similar displacement 4 stroke. Why is the factory hp ratings not that high? It’s almost equal to my 850 Yamaha triple. I thought it would be a lot more? Please educate me!!!

  6. Ran one of those with a Denco setup in the 70’s. Ported and polished street and strip…used to piss off all the Honda guys LOL.

  7. Cool bike and video. I had lots of fun on a modified H2 street bike in the 80’s. If you raced S/E back in the ProStar days, I may have met you, even though I raced S/C at the time. Thanks for sharing!

  8. that’s very nice; the front wheel just seemed to have landed just at the end of the race !!!!

  9. Good grief. My eyeballs were plastered to the back of my skull just watching that.

  10. Nasty and loud just like I remember mine. Wicked fast in the day and not for the air headed riders.

  11. I noticed b4 your 1/4 mile run it takes a few seconds to idle back down after you open the throttle. So it seems lean which gives the most power (weird that less fuel makes more power than more). I owned so many RD/RZ 350s/ RD400s i lost count (and 1 RZ500), but always liked the sound of the Kaw triples the best. Something about that 3 cylinder firing order i guess.

  12. That was the worst *sounding* bike ever. I remember when they first came out. Very few guys were crazy enough to get one.

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