75 KAWASAKI Z1900 Restoration by Johnny’s Vintage Motorcycle Company

75 KAWASAKI Z1900 Restoration by Johnny’s Vintage Motorcycle Company
This is our latest project bike, a 1975 Kawasaki Z1900 that I took in on trade for a 1976 Kawasaki KZ900 about twelve years ago. This movie takes us through many of the steps to properly restore a vintage Japanese motorcycle, reviving a project bike into a beautiful everyday rider.

34 thoughts on “75 KAWASAKI Z1900 Restoration by Johnny’s Vintage Motorcycle Company

  1. THIS is what those shows on TV should be. None of the horrible acting / drama/ “problems”. Straight forward restoration show. THUMBS UP!

  2. 0:49 “We’re gonna put original paint on it” but the you go and get the frame powder coated (5:17). The original was not powder coated.

  3. that bike turn out so good you guys do very good rebuild work…i miss the one i had back in 1975 ……best looking road bike of all time,s

  4. What a beautiful bike. I remember when these bikes were new. Great time to own a bike.

  5. Really, really nice job on this. That’s a genuine beauty. Well done!

  6. I wish I had your shop….I am trying to locate a gas tank and rear master cylinder for a 85 ZN700 LTD I am trying to put her back together any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance

  7. Very, very, very nice, excellent and gorgeous. What did it bring at auction?

  8. My husband had a KZ1000 got rid of it for 500 bucks he regrets it too this day.He told me it and the CB750 and the Machs were the muscle bikes of his youth.

  9. Thanks for this nice and factual video of a very beautiful Z1… These bikes are worth preserving and restoring.

  10. Well at first I thought you were going to half ass it and paint it.
    Powder coating makes the bike better than new.
    Your video quality and camera work is better than new factory videos, because your camera is up close not far away and telling some bullshit story.
    Excellent restoration, great video I really enjoyed it.

  11. This Guy will Hate it when I take my Kawasaki KZ 550 A1 and powder coat the rims, frame, tank and fenders and handle bars Royal Enfields Military green and put a big sissy bar on the back and some LTD handle bars. Damn I really wanted that sissy Bar on the doctors bike.
     But thank’s to my 3 DVD set of American Chopper serries about Orange county chopper,….
    I know I can weld my own sissy bar on it and put a shelf on the back for supply’s, the front fender will have a basket on top of it too, and a rack on the tank, because I have a mig welder.
    Yeah I’ll make it an A1,…… Enduro bike, there’s nothing sexier than enduro tires!

  12. They need those dual front disc brake though as they all worked out later lol

  13. A truly fabulous & thorough restoration done here, with clear & concise illustrations & descriptions. But can someone on here please explain to me why only Americans pronounce the letter Z (zed) as Zee!. it’s a ZED one, not a efin Zee one!!!. Sorry.. but this “Zee” business really bugs me! 🙂 .

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