32-Year-Old with 17 Motorcycles!

32-Year-Old with 17 Motorcycles!
Join me for a review of Steve’s amazing collection of 17-bikes!!! Ducati, Triumph, Aprilia, BMW and KTM! Plus, test rides and SMACKDOWNS on the KTM 1290 Superduke, Diavel Titanium, Triumph Rocket III Roadster and Kawasaki Ninja H2. They’re all fun!
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25 thoughts on “32-Year-Old with 17 Motorcycles!

  1. its like a dealership up in there and IB is like a kid in a candy store 😉 cool vid brother

  2. hmm all i can say is either rich or dem monthly payments must be a shit storm for all those bikes

  3. i just cant get over the fact that he left all these bikes out to get wet!!! ? ? ? ?

  4. 650IB , glad i found your channel.
    P.S. – I love the Ducati , i know everyone has problems with Ducatis but i love it .

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