250cc 2 Stroke Kawasaki Barn Find: Ike’s Adventures

250cc 2 Stroke Kawasaki Barn Find: Ike’s Adventures
Ike works on a early 70s vintage Kawasaki dirt bike. This 250cc two stroke dirt bike had been sitting for 30 years when Ike brings it back to life.

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17 thoughts on “250cc 2 Stroke Kawasaki Barn Find: Ike’s Adventures

  1. That Bike looks very cool, do you know where I could find an old off road motorcycle like that?

  2. Ike. A few tips for old bikes. Always pull the spark plug and soak the cylinder with pb blaster or acetone and transmission fluid mix. Before trying to start it. Also. To clean rust out of the tank . Not that tank but a solid one. Fill it with white vinegar and a few nuts and bolts shake it around well 2times a day and let it soak for about a week. Then use por15 or redkoat to seal the tank. Do not use the cream stuff. Also change the oil

  3. Hey there C&C. Love the barn found kwacca buddy. Blows about the tank man. Ive never seen that model before, very interesting indeed. I grew up with the kx series over here in Australia, I love that old school mx sound. Love ya work mate keep up the great work brother. ✊?✊?

  4. Sick man love it! The air cooled beast! My 06 KX250 is my profile picture, for comparison!

  5. Why don’t you just cut bottom half of tank off and use it as a skin for a cheep plastic dirt bike tank? Then still look kinda original?

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