2018 Kawasaki Versys X 300 : EICMA 2017 : PowerDrift

2018 Kawasaki Versys X 300 : EICMA 2017 : PowerDrift
The baby Versys shares the same mill as the Ninja 300 but in a different state of tune. The Versys X 300 gets all the bits and bobs that make it a worthy adventure bike that we expect to hit the Indian shores.

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34 thoughts on “2018 Kawasaki Versys X 300 : EICMA 2017 : PowerDrift

  1. Hey #NotificationSquad, do you think this should come to India? If yes, make sure you hit that Like button to let Kawasaki know you’re waiting for it.

  2. This bike comes with 2 variant. This is urban and adventure is another one. Bike looks cool and BMW gs 300 is close competitor for this but kawasaki is well established in india as compared to bmw.
    GS 300 will be assembled by TVS in india, if service also taken care by TVS then it will be worth buyin otherwise Kawasaki will sell more

  3. In eicma a lot of adventure tourers are being presented… Now i see where the world is going…. To explore more places…. I like this thought of low capacity adventure tourers.. Which can be more accessible than their elder big capacity siblings…..

  4. So in my opinion these small capacity adventure tourers are way better than those 800 or even more big capacity engines , coz it can do pretty all basic things which we need for touring or off roading & they are more affordable & low maintenance & manageable in city traffics to.so bring this green machine to INDIA

  5. NEED THIS. big tank, good ergos, not too much power and the equipment to boot. Price it right and you have a solid adventurer

  6. Yes this should come to India
    #notificationsqaud #PDarmy
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  7. It it Comes under 3.5 Lakhs it will Definitely Worth ! For Some one Who want a Adventure – Tourer but can’t cross his Budget over 6L for Ninja Versys 650 for those It is Value for Money Package ! PD ARMY You Makes Always Whole INDIA Proud Especially On INTERNATIONAL Platform !!! Thanks for Sharing This Such a Great EXPOSURE !

  8. is AnyOnce The BUILT BEYOND BELIEF ” MACHINE H2 ” ??? for Limted but DIE HARD SUPERCHARGE LOVERS in INDIA !!!! at 1:06 Upper Left Side !!! The JAPANESE MASTERPIECE !!!

  9. Wow , its like dream come true .
    But , I mean why they don’t bring this bike to in india ??
    I want this bike for my tourings​ and long rides.??

    And for PD Army , U guys are roking dude . Thanks for the updates from EICMA​ motor show .
    Keep it up guys .
    Love you all ??

  10. This is gona change indian adventure touring market.. only himalayan was created spark inside indian touring bike lovers

  11. If you don’t need the ABS at all, you could unplug the dedicated fuse. If you need it from time to time, install a circuit that disengages the fuse by a switch.

  12. Hi there!
    Don’t you think this motorcycle has a high probability of getting the engine from the new 2018 ninja 400 ?
    I am afraid of buying it and a year later or so the model changes the engine and loses a lot of its value. Here where I live this bike costs 8000 USD ( Tourer version), so it is expensive and at the same price of the Honda 500 X,

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