2017 Kawasaki Z650 Motorcycle First Test Review Video | Riders Domain

2017 Kawasaki Z650 Motorcycle First Test Review Video | Riders Domain
First Test – 2017 Kawasaki Z650: http://www.ridersdomain.com/magazine/motorcycles/reviews/2017-kawasaki-z650-motorcycle-review/

Kawasaki continues to diversify its brawny Z-series naked bike lineup with the Z650 (99). Positioned between the entertaining, but play bike sized Z125 Pro and all-new Z900, which replaces the Z800 and Z1000 in North America, this 650-powered Twin is an affordable and flexible mount for full-size everyday riding.

Motorcycle riding kit we wore during this test ride:

Bell Star Full-Face Helmet: https://www.jakewilson.com/p/4688/58745/Bell-Star-Motorcycle-Helmet

REV’IT! Replica Leather Jacket (discontinued). Replaced with the REV’IT! Masaru Leather Jacket: https://www.jakewilson.com/p/4752/62851/REVIT!-Masaru-Leather-Jacket

REV’IT! Campo Jeans (discontinued). Replaced with the Lombard 2 Jean: https://www.jakewilson.com/p/4785/67132/REVIT%21-Lombard-2-Jeans

REV’IT! Chevron 2 Gloves: https://www.jakewilson.com/p/4724/63664/REVIT%21-Chevron-2-Leather-Gloves

REV’IT Fairfax Motorcycle Shoes: https://www.jakewilson.com/p/4713/53651/REVIT!-Fairfax-Motorcycle-Shoes

17 thoughts on “2017 Kawasaki Z650 Motorcycle First Test Review Video | Riders Domain

  1. Voice sounds like Adam Waheed. Used to work for Motorcycle USA which went away.

    Loving the new Z. The shootouts with the FZ-07, SV650, CBR650F should be interesting. Waiting for Z900 reviews.

  2. Doesn’t sound like a 650cc to me, and that dash looks very low budget. Can’t see it taking sales from the mt-07.

  3. Better looking than the FZ-07. Great bike, but never could quite get that tank style and plastic rib. I like this a lot.

  4. Just don’t put a louder exhaust on it. They sound like total ass (especially at idle) compared to the FZ-07 and SV650. Definitely a bike that should be seen and not heard..

  5. Adam Waheed? is that you? I’ve been wondering where my favorite moto journalist went after motorcycle-usa’s end.

  6. i like naked bike, really consider to buy this, the only thing that hold me is the headlight.. it does not represent Z clan double lamp charateristic

  7. Any comparison to the FZ-07 or SV650? I’m considering trading my R3 “up” to something in the 6XX range and am debating the everyday merits of a naked twin for commuting and fun with supersport bikes in the 6XX range.

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