2017 Kawasaki z650 fender elimination

2017 Kawasaki z650 fender elimination
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How-to on eliminating the factory fender on a 2017 Kawasaki z650, with limited aftermarket as of 1/29/2017.

**Yoshimura Alpha Exhaust
http://amzn.to/2vKC3DR – Carbon Fiber / Stainless
http://amzn.to/2vBbCz0 – Carbon / Carbon Fiber

**MZS Shorty Levers

**The camera used in this clip:

**The microphone:

** Get the Z fender elimination kit here:

**Bar end mirrors:

**LED Headlight:

**LED corner markers:

**LED accent lights:

**Motorcycle stands:

**More videos coming soon!!

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11 thoughts on “2017 Kawasaki z650 fender elimination

  1. Wow, nice work! We’re still waiting on our Z650 demo bike to measure up for production parts. Looks good, thanks for the video!

  2. I sceined the contract today and I choosed the white color, what do u think guys? Will black looks better.. I really need help on this color decision ..

  3. After the fender elimination, do you get water/dirt on your back while riding?

  4. Question, not 100% understanding why you had to modify the kit, can you clarify? I thought this was made for the Z. I ordered it but was under the impression it was bolt and go. No mods needed.

  5. Hey Men do you know if there is a led indicator relay needed when i use a led indicitators?

  6. Hi could u please let me know the amount of torque given to the frame sliders for the z650

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