2017 Kawasaki Versys-X 300 First Test Review Video | Riders Domain

2017 Kawasaki Versys-X 300 First Test Review Video | Riders Domain
2017 Kawasaki Versys-X 300 First Test Review: http://bit.ly/Kawasaki-Versys-X-300-First-Test-Review

Kawasaki introduces a new motorcycle contender in the entry-level market with its 2017 Versys-X 300. This machine is powered by the same 296cc Parallel Twin found in the popular Ninja 300, but the Versys-X 300 is ready to log some miles. Styled for adventure, ready for aftermarket accessories and approachable enough for the newest rider. The Versys-X 300 is a broad and appealing package.

Gear we wore on this test ride:

Shoei Hornet X2 Adventure Helmet: https://www.ridersdomain.com/motorcycle-riding-gear/shoei-hornet-x2-adventure-motorcycle-helmet-p

Klim Traverse Jacket: https://www.ridersdomain.com/motorcycle-riding-gear/klim-traverse-jacket-p

Forcefield Pro Shirt Armor: https://www.ridersdomain.com/motorcycle-riding-gear/forcefield-pro-shirt-x-v-l-s-with-armor-p

Klim Traverse Pants: https://www.ridersdomain.com/motorcycle-riding-gear/klim-traverse-pant-p

Klim Quest Short Gloves: https://www.ridersdomain.com/motorcycle-riding-gear/klim-quest-short-gloves-p

Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots: https://www.ridersdomain.com/motorcycle-riding-gear/tourmaster-solution-wp-air-motorcycle-boots-p

Sena Prism Tube Camera: https://www.ridersdomain.com/motorcycle-accessories/sena-prism-tube-action-camera-p

29 thoughts on “2017 Kawasaki Versys-X 300 First Test Review Video | Riders Domain

  1. Nice review. Thanks for being the first English review up. The seat is the big let down. The suspension on the other hand seems to be a pleasant surprise. What’s funny is how Kawi just took a screaming Ninja 300 and made her into a small Roadie bike… with no competition around. The biggest thing they did to the personality of the engine is change the Sprockets from a 42 rear to a 46 rear. They will sale a bunch of these RTW.

  2. Horrible bike. Just get rid of the quasi Dakar styling. All it does is add weight.

  3. It’s not uncommon for a stock seat to suck. I was surprised at how bad the seat on my new Tiger 800 XCA sucks.. after one weekend of riding, I ordered a Sargent seat for it. Downside to the Versys is it’ll be awhile before aftermarket seats are available.

  4. if you put some dual purpose tyres on it, it becomes an even better adventure bike, like the Dunlop Trailmax set (for smaller bikes). I have the 130/80/17 on the rear rim of my Pulsar Ns200 and it feels awesome in both terrains.

  5. I don’t know what all these reviewers ride nowadays as all bikes suddenly get reviewed as “light”.
    That thing weighs in at 175kg, only 21 less than the KLR650 which used to be considered a heavy pig.

    Seriously, stop calling a bike lightweight when it clearly isn’t for it’s capacity.

  6. I sat on this bike a couple of weeks ago,great bike,but I was on my tippie toes.is there another bike just a little shorter that you would recommend,because I really like this set up?

  7. It is more powerful than my old air cooled 5 speed 1971 Honda CB 350 was and that bike carried me from Texas to California and back loaded down with camping equipment. The CB 350 could hammer along at 70 mph all day long day after day so I bet the 300 Versys is more than up to some long trips.

  8. thanks for the closeups videos and talk, I am maybe buying. greetings from Finland.

  9. thanks for the review, but having a road biker who clutches with all for fingers shows a lack of testing this thing at its limit

  10. After being  legally on motorcycles for fifty five years , this is the first time ever considering going on road with a bike weighing less than me .  Thanks

  11. motorcycles are like girls, you want to ride as many different ones as possible before you die.

  12. Hi I’m really interested in the Kawasaki versus X300 but more concerned with the cooling system on it I heard from a friend that a friend took it from Marshall to Vegas and California and it had issues with overheating three times can you do A big favor and check out the cooling system and temperature of the core going through extreme hot weather bike seems to be very good bike but clean system may be an issue appreciate everything you can do to inform us thank you look forward for A review

  13. Don’t mention the underneath exhaust which is a big fail. Tube tires and no low end torque. Just what we needed, another suck up,vanilla review for a meh kawasaki product.

  14. the best part is it uses the z300 engine which readily available across the globe, hence finding engine parts and serving the bike is pretty affordable

  15. In 2017, a 175kg 300cc bike is consider “light weight”. I don’t know how they going to describe a 180kg 1000cc superbike then

  16. will this do 70-75 miles an hour on a mountain highway with a 225lb man on it I live in WV we are mountainous

  17. On of the best reviews of this new bike. Informative yet understated. Creative yet technical when needed.
    India has been waiting for a bike like this for a very long time. Sadly, Kawasaki doesn’t seem to value India as a serious market else would have launched it here as the same time as it did in the USA and Europe.

    Keep up the good work.

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