2017 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Review

2017 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Review
In an era in which adventure-styled motorcycles seem to be taking over the sport-touring class, the 2017 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS stands out as a great example of a traditional sport-tourer. Kawasaki has taken the heart of a sportbike and wrapped it with a package that can tackle almost any task a rider could want, from commuting to canyon scratching to touring to the occasional track day. Outfit it with the optional 65 saddlebags, and you’ve got a mount that would be a great multi-state companion for less than ,000.

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31 thoughts on “2017 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Review

  1. I give credit, where credit is due.
    Evan, your audio is much improved since your last motovlog (behind the scenes in German town).

    However, there’s still room for improvement.

  2. Kawasucki forced you to ride with high beam on for this video review hoping the viewers wont spot one of headlights is already broken or not working.

    I dont understand these Jap manufacturers why do they need to tell the world their bikes are from Japan by uglinizing their bikes with one broken head light and a 40 year old CASIO calculator – other road users are going to constantly tell you one of your head lights is broken !!!

  3. I’m betting next years model adds ride by wire throttle, cruise control and TFT display. If Kawasaki does that they will have created the perfect sport touring bike in my opinion.

  4. If Motorcycle.com won’t spring for a sound engineer, can you at least watch a tutorial from BvG or RJ?
    Audio is probably the most important thing when filming a *motovlog*.

  5. Still have my 2012 model with abs, and love it especially with Pirelli Angel GT’s!!! However, the best change you can make to this motorcycle is to change the rear tire size! From the 190/50 to the larger 190/55. It totally changes the feel of the bike and enables it to turn much sharper and holds a line much much better. So much so in fact, you feel as if you can take your hands off the bars while in a turn!


  6. We get so used to it, but motorcycle names are confusing as all hell. Imagine being someone who doesn’t know anything about bikes.
    “This is a Ninja 1000. Not to be confused with the z1000, which is also a 1000 but not the same as the Ninja 1000. You also DEFINITELY shouldn’t confuse the Ninja 1000 with the Ninja ZX10-R, which is ALSO a 1000 but it’s definitely the most sporty and least comfortable, which shouldn’t be confused with the Ninja ZX10-RR which IS similar to the ZX10-R but has a more racing oriented package.
    But don’t confuse the Ninja ZX10-R with the Ninja ZX14R, which is a COMPLETELY different motorcycle from the others altogether”
    Like fuck.

  7. Great bike. I was sorely tempted to buy one in 2015 and this one is better. But I got a Multi and I won’t be trading anytime soon because:

    Ride by wire throttle. It’s time, Kawasaki.
    Cruise control. See ride by wire throttle.
    Heated grips from the factory. Sport touring needs heated grips as an option, period.

    You guys are this close. Make it perfect.

  8. i still think these type bikes look stupid as fuck…..

    why does it HAVE to look like a transformer?

    yet ya cant get this level of performance in anything close to what i like….

    which is 1970s beat to hell and back jap bikes….

    which may be slow and unsafe, but look like bikes…..not Micheal bay films…..

  9. They need to give their “motorcycle.com” name up to a more professional channel.

  10. While I absolutely love my 2016 N1K, I’m totally jealous of those with the 2017 model! It’s such a great bike – no complaints at all, just wish I had more of the Gucci tech gear.

  11. I have one of these. It’s a beautiful bike, visually speaking, especially once you get rid of the “lip” in the back as well as the blinkers. I’ve replaced mine with an integrated LED rear brake light / blinkers. Unfortunately the Euro 4 crap means that there’s virtually no sound at all on the bike, making it feel very sterile and boring. Only 142 horses means it doesn’t haul ass either. Sure you’ll smoke just about every car out there, but it doesn’t go fast enough to scare you, which my previous bike most certainly did (GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa).

    I went to my dealer and checked out if I can swap it out for a different bike, but since he’s only willing to swap for a bike with a higher value, I’m kind of screwed. All the other bikes I want cost far less. He suggested throwing on some other mufflers to get more sound, which I might consider. But from what I know, the big “box” under the bike is responsible for much of the sound dampening, so there may not be much difference when swapping out just the mufflers.

    Lots of positive things about it though, so if you can live with a virtually silent bike (for a 1000cc sport bike) that doesn’t go very fast, but is one of the most beautiful sport bikes around, certainly when looking at jap bikes, is very reliable and safe to ride in all kinds of weather and has very good looking panniers – it might be the bike for you. Out of all the bikes I’ve had, this is the one people have commented on the most. Several people have come over to me and told me how nice looking the bike is, even people who have never been on a bike before.

    Edit: I’ve upgraded just about everything that can be upgraded on it, including the seat. Got the overpriced Kawasaki gel seat, and I can ride about twice as long before my ass starts to hurt (approximately one hour before I need a quick rest). It’s not good enough for long trips without an Airhawk though (for me personally).

  12. Are you all sure about the cutting part for the Ninja 1000 luggage pre 2017? I have a 2015 WITHOUT the bags, but to my knowledge, all you need to do is buy the optional mounting rails that replace the passenger hand rails with ones that support the bags. I didnt think that cutting was also necessary? I could be wrong about that tho

  13. So many of these types of bikes neglect one very important thing – the ability to mount a GPS. How can you have a touring bike without a GPS? The only bikes that you can easily mount a GPS to have dirt bike handlebars – Versys, FJ-09, Africa Twin, etc.

    They really need to produce factory OEM purchasable accessory GPS mounts. You can try to get a Ram Mount for this, but the steering stem bolt mount sucks big time. And on this bike you can’t use the Ram Mount that attaches to the handle bar.

    Major fail on this Ninja 1000. And also the Honda Interceptor too. And I’m sure quite a few other “touring bikes” lack this ability as well. It really makes my decision to buy a certain bike harder, as I like both the Ninja 1000 and the Honda Interceptor. But lacking the ability to mount a GPS has crossed them off my list.

    Probably going to get an Africa Twin or FJ-09 for the GPS compatible dirt bike handle bars.

  14. Good lord! The production quality of these videos is so amateurish. Dolly shots are hand held. Video is straight out of a GoPro with zero post to fix contrast and saturation. Everything just wreaks of total lack of effort.

  15. ive got one these bikes in march , this bike is brilliant, this bike wins every time , the yamaha r1 i have is gathering dust ,

  16. What is the obsession with cruise control no use on a proper biking road with bends 🙂

  17. Hmmm…appreciate the review, and the Video QUALITY absolutely sucked…WHY???  Huge FAIL as compared to previous vids from Motorcycle.COM.  Get back to the usual high quality, please.

  18. Maybe I’m not up on the bike jargon but “understeer” seems like a misnomer, since in the automotive world that generally means turning the wheel and scrubbing the tires/plowing straight on. Maybe heavier steering? Maybe slower turn-in? I dunno.

  19. Did they fix the issue of not being able to mount a top box and side bags at the same time?

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