2017 Get Closer KAWASAKI NINJA ZX10R

2017 Get Closer KAWASAKI NINJA ZX10R
2017 Get Closer KAWASAKI NINJA ZX10R
Engine4-stroke, 4 cylinder, DOHC, 4-valve, Liquid-cooled Displacement : 998cc
Bore x Stroke : 76.0 x 55.0mm
Compression ratio :13.0:1
Fuel SystemDFI® with four 47mm Keihin throttle bodies with oval sub-throttles, two injectors per cylinder
IgnitionTCBI with digital advance and Sport-Kawasaki Traction Control (S-KTRC)
Final DriveSealed chain
Electronic Rider AidsKawasaki Launch Control (KLCS), Kawasaki Intelligent Braking (KIBS), Kawasaki Sport Traction Control (S-KTRC), Kawasaki Engine Braking Control (KEBC), Quick Shifter (KQS)

13 thoughts on “2017 Get Closer KAWASAKI NINJA ZX10R

  1. 3:54 I legit own the same helmet and my jacket looks almost identical. Too bad I sold my bike 🙁 Definitely going to by another some day.

  2. Kawasaki is my favorite brand, But Damn man.. .They Barely EVER Change anything on there Bikes!! Like come on Kawasaki, Even Suzuki has gotten the point and made alot of changes for 2017! Hondas FireBlade is going to crush the streets man! I just dont understand what Kawasaki is thinking!?!? When 2018 comes, Kawasaki will probably add all the awesome electronics to there ZX10R But the electronics(Which are all already on most Top Bikes) Will be old news because there being used right now in those Bikes, except The damn Ninjas smdh! Just Sayin fellas!

  3. This video should say 2016 NOT 2017. Clearly the Winter Edition bike in this video is 2016. The 2017 bike says ZX10RR!!!

  4. Um I rarely give a thumbs down, but NO ONE wants to hear music in this video, we want the natural bike sounds. And a few minutes in (5:50 or so) the video fades to black…..

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