2016 Supercharged Kawasaki H2 and Zx-10 Full Power!

2016 Supercharged Kawasaki H2 and Zx-10 Full Power!
Mr.Brapp and I took the new bikes out for some “break in” tests..

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31 thoughts on “2016 Supercharged Kawasaki H2 and Zx-10 Full Power!

  1. You shifted that ZX probably 15-20 hp below peak power in the roll-ons.

  2. Zx10r. Seriously you need a quickshifter man. Btw satisfaction play in 1080p. Less vibration what camera what software you edit with it?

  3. That Zx10 would kill my ’15 R6… I couldn’t imagine going against the H2 ?

  4. esta muy buena carrera como kisieran una moto así una Kawasaki ninja zx10r

  5. u cnt remember the name of this bike ???? u serious ???????? dude its a f.. h2r kawasaki :/ its a beast

  6. You’ll get twice as many views if you remove the fucking music from your videos , I i wanted to lsitne ot music I’d go hit ChillNation or some shit , we’re here foR thE ENGINE MUSIC , GOT DAT?

  7. love both bikes but the S10 is no match for the H2 in a straight line sorry for your luck .liked the vid kawi rocks.

  8. Sweet vid guys the zx10r done alright against the h2, even though its half priced. Awesome riding will be owning a bike like that one day. I got my first motorvehcle a 2014 sr50 aprilia motard on a car license. Keep the posts coming.

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