2016 Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT Motorcycle Review

2016 Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT Motorcycle Review
2016 Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT Motorcycle Review – This strikes me as a mix of a Yamaha Super Tenere (non ES) and a Suzuki GSX-S 1000. It ha the tall nimble sort-off off road frame with a VERY potent smooth revving sport bike derived engine. Like a Streetfighter with some protection. It’s basic on features but a proven design at a decent price point.

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34 thoughts on “2016 Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT Motorcycle Review

  1. do the companies pay you to review the bikes or do you review on your own

  2. “oooooh! that tickles the nether region!” lol.. thanks for the coffee on my keyboard! I got worried on that left turn that put you over the line! Once again nice review!

  3. Good review. Do you know if the z1000,ninja,versys still based on the old zx9r or did they update the power plant a few years ago when the ninja came out?

    Man, traction control, abs, power modes?
    That’s too much nanny electronics for me. A 1000 inline 4 adventure bike I want to be able to be spinning the rear tire while going 60mph around a corner on a gravel road putting 150hp+ down to shoot rocks and able to lock the tire on demand. Okay I am not the primary market for road biased big bore adventure bikes, I don’t drink starbucks…

  4. I wonder if we will see a review of the Kawasaki Concours tomorrow. Excellent review btw.

  5. I own the Versys 1k. 2015 model. Nice review, I think your comments were fair. At the moment I can’t think of any other motorcycle I’d rather own as an only bike.

    I think what most people are failing to acknowledge about most “adventure bikes” is that they make great light touring motorcycles, they are practical almost to a fault, and most never go off road. I bought this bike because I wanted the upright ergos, I wanted 17 inch road biased wheels, and I wanted an inline 4 engine. At the time I was doing my research the S 1000 XR had not even been announced; I doubt I would have bought one any way. The Versys is sporty enough to be fun and can do the urban environment well enough, but ultimately it is biased to be a good high speed distance tarmac cruiser without cruiser ergonomics and with an engine tuned for midrange. The low price is a bonus.

    Perhaps we need a new term for this segment. Standard tourers to differentiate from sport tourers and faired cruisers? I am generally not too much of a stickler for semantics but even mentioning this bike as a potential off road “adventure” machine is going to bias a lot of people’s perception of the bike. We can call them adventure sport touring motorcycles all we want but at some point three modifiers is going to become cumbersome. Somewhere I heard the term “tall rounder”; I quite like it.

    All that is more of a comment on the motorcycling industry’s perception of the bike as a whole than a specific comment on this video’s claims. Thanks for the video.

  6. Man, that thing got a face only it’s Mother can love.
    Da heck is wrong with Japan.Inc styling department as of lately(last 15 years or so).

  7. Greetings from Asia. thanks for reviewing the Kawasaki Versys 1000. as always great vlog, love it 🙂 one question, which one you buy for daily used, Z1000 or Versys 1000?

  8. Had it for 2 months and best bike I’ve ever owned. At 112 it’s gets a little wonky but it may my suspension set up. But great bike for the money. I got mine with 500 miles for $8200.

  9. What kind of bikes good for a fat guy? I’m 400 pounds, 5ft11, 30 inch inseam, I want more luxury, durability, reliability, I really like the Goldwing but who doesn’t. $10,000 is my purchase price range. looking for new. I’m not into the whole liter bike, crotch rocket thing. I want to drive comfortable. I’m not really a Harley guy, I think they’re over priced, over rated and out of date, although the VRod is sweet. I’m more interested in touring over speed.

  10. The new Versys 1000 is a road bike, not intended to go off road even though it looks like it could.

  11. Always thumbs up for u! You have sum of the best moto reviews on YT, IMO. Great one again! Thx!!

  12. Nice review. Regarding the rear brake pedal- I had the same issue with my recently departed R1200gs. Foot was always slipping off it due to clearance issues. Very unnerving.

  13. Having come off an FJR after 60k miles, many of your intial observations matched mine.
    1. Clutch is very light and quick. For best results, I’ve found you almost need to slap it. Very racy.
    2. Full Power Mode has very abrupt on/off throttle fueling. Switch to Low Power Mode fixes that at the expense of some mid and top end power. I ended up putting a Power Commander on mine and the fueling in FPM is now excellent. Haven’t used LPM since.
    3. Bike did understeer in fast sweepers with the stock Bridgesstone rear tire. When it wore out, I replaced it with a Continental and that tendency is gone.
    4. I disagree with your handguards. In the summer, I like to be able to rest my fingers on them and get some air into the fingers of my glove. In the winter they do a good job shedding the direct windblast.
    5. I never noticed the brake pedal issue. I always wear MC riding boots. I’ll have to try with my steel toes.
    6. Suspension isn’t fully adjustable. Preload and rebound only.

  14. Which do you like better between this and the Yamaha FJ-09? I am interested in these 2 bikes, transitioning from my cruiser.

  15. Another review by a guy who does it the best. I’ll watch your test rides even if I have no intention on buying the bike your reviewing. Two thumbs up!

  16. 10:08 If it would be a car and pushing out it would be understeer not oversteer.

  17. I rode the Versys 1000 twice, and I found the vibes off-putting, especially in the nether-regions. Most all reviews from print mags failed to mention this. To me, the Versys 650 is the better bike.

  18. Just traded my FJR in on a 2016 Versys 1000 this wednesday. Versys is much more comfortable for me. I didn’t notice any issues with the throttle. Throttle,Clutch,Engine and Transmission are smooth as butter.

  19. This guy is super picky and as an owner of this bike, I think he just wants to find fault. The back brake is no problem, despite his whinging. The dash is super easy to read, he must be short sighted. Not impressed with this review at all

  20. How does the Kawasaki Versys 1000 match up against the Yamaha Fj-09? I m a current FJR owner and have looked at both of these as a possible replacement. My first impression is the Kawasaki is physically larger, with a bigger engine, and the seat is more comfortable for both driver and passenger. I am a fan of your channel and appreciate your reviews.

  21. I would like to hear your opinion on a BMW r1200gs one of these days. Great videos by the way. Keep it up.

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