2016 Kawasaki Ninja H2 | First Ride

2016 Kawasaki Ninja H2 | First Ride
So I finally…FINALLY get an opportunity to throw my leg over a Ninja H2. Without a doubt this is the MOST asked for first ride and well…I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Huge thanks to my friend 650ib for allowing me the opportunity to ride this insane machine. If you want to see more videos of his Kawasaki Ninja H2 or any of his other bikes I’ve left links before for his channel!

Like my First Ride videos? Check out the playlist: http://bit.ly/C2WFirstRides

Check out the HD photos of this bike here: http://bit.ly/2feL7rL

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25 thoughts on “2016 Kawasaki Ninja H2 | First Ride

  1. Consider this, the motogp bikes make similar HP to this bike, possibly even more in some cases, and they are doing it at roughly half the weight. Crazy when you consider the power to weight ratio they poses.

  2. You should try out the new Kawasaki Z900, it’s really really good apparently be the judge

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