2016 Kawasaki Ninja 650 First Ride | Great First Motorcycle

2016 Kawasaki Ninja 650 First Ride | Great First Motorcycle
I got another chance to ride a 2016 Ninja 650 so i put together a short video of my thought on the kawasaki ninja 650 as a first motorcycle. To me the ninja would be the best bike to start on because you dont run the risk of getting tired of it as fast as you do on the ninja 300. I have seen people buy ninja 300’s and but 200 miles on them and trade them in or just sell them out right and upgrade to something with a little more power so you might as well start on something that is just as forgiving and has more power.Keep in mind i do not think they make many slip on exhausts for the ninja 650 at this time so if you want to get more sound you will have to go with a full system and thats not going to be so cheap.Over all the ninja 650 is a all around great bike for someone just getting into motorcycle or someone who has been riding for years

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23 thoughts on “2016 Kawasaki Ninja 650 First Ride | Great First Motorcycle

  1. Good vid, grew up on BSA, TRIUMPH, NORTON….etc. Had 55 bikes in 56 years of riding The need for a gear indicator only means you cannot tell instinctively matching speed and torque with RPM. It’s what you learn, just where your curve is, how to use it and lay down your power. A gear indicators tells you what you should already know by feel.

    Just talked my 70 year old brother into one of these because he isn’t allowed on my FZ1 or 09. He is ecstatic, brilliant machine!

  2. Wow what an unlucky customer lol. He must feel like a right nitwit if he’s seen the 2017 model which comes with amazing styling and also a gear indicator. Maybe it won’t come to the US so he won’t feel suicidal?

  3. I love the last thing he said ” buy a motorcycle you can grow into”. Iv had my license for little over a month now and just sorting getting the deposit down for a bigger bike and I was strongly considering the Kawisaki er 6n/f. I like the f because it looks alot more sporty but when i sat on one there seemed like there was too much chunk in the front which might throw my balance off. But I just love the sporty look! Im hoping that maybe its something il get used to over time though. Im certainly not a speed freak and iv been told that the er 6’s have a very soft acceleration which is fine by me .

  4. as a former 300 owner I was ready in the 3 months but I keep to two full seasons til someone stole it… since have upgraded to a 2k R1 I got a crazy deal.. I should have got the 650 from the start.

  5. I loved the video, you made some great points and I’m actually choosing a 650 over a 300.

    just a side note though, try to finish your videos before getting to the customers house. You don’t want thieves knowing where this guy lives/keeps the bike.

  6. I’m thinking a ninja 650 as my first bike over a Z800 because of that reason, kind of nervous about having an 800cc to start with. I know ill be smart with either bike but still second guessing a bit…..what would you suggest ??

  7. I sat on one of these this weekend. At 5’5″ I wasn’t able to flat foot it, but the seating was hella comfortable. Definitely grabbing one next month. This is way more comfortable than the CBR500R. The dealership said they could lower either one, but just sitting on the 650 felt like I could ride it all day, and this is coming from a guy who started on cruisers.

    Great advice btw on starting with 650s, but I would add, IF you plan on riding on the freeway. Otherwise, 250cc and 300cc’s are perfect for the city streets.

  8. fabulous video i sub and like ur video hope u back & i wanna deal with u that i will Watch ur all latest video and u as well ???

  9. How tall are you and how much you weigh I’m 6″5 300 would I be comfy ? Please help

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