2016 Kawasaki Concours 14 | Fair Dinkum Test Ride/Review | The Good and Bad – Petaluma California

2016 Kawasaki Concours 14 | Fair Dinkum Test Ride/Review | The Good and Bad – Petaluma California
Even though I own a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10r and I am a former owner of a 2000 Concours, I give an objective Controversial and No Sugar Coated review of the 2016 Kawasaki Concours. I cover the good and bad points of this bike, this an objective review of this powerful machine.

If you are thinking of upgrading to the Concours 14 and ditching your FJR1300 or VStrom, watch this review first.

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17 thoughts on “2016 Kawasaki Concours 14 | Fair Dinkum Test Ride/Review | The Good and Bad – Petaluma California

  1. Sounded like you had to change your underwear when you hit the freeway! ? Wish you could have taken out the Super Tenere while you were at K&B in Petaluma.

  2. I live in north Alabama. I participated in a group ride to Key West for a week on my Vision. I have a good friend that owns a concours 14. He was absolutely miserable the whole trip. He lost feeling in his hands and his butt hurt him the entire trip. I felt so sorry for him. I don’t understand how Kawasaki can make this for the sport touring segment and not include cruise control! Lame. thank you for your review.

  3. I had one of the 1st gen Concours and it was ok from what I remember. And yes, it was a heavy bike. Doesn’t the new generation Concours have the same 1400 engine which is in the ZX-14? I would think that is quite a powerhouse. I agree with you that the 2016 Concours does provide good value for the cost. Thanks for the review.

  4. I have a 2012 and the only gears I’ve been to redline on are first an second, the pucker factor in any other gear is too much for me. The bike has incredible power.

  5. FJR a laid back cruiser? I disagree. I ride an FJR and my buddy rides a concours. I think the FJR is sportier. just as fast, better handling, lighter, nimbler…

  6. im considering trading my vstrom for one as i have a dual sport drz400 for offroad now

  7. Great honest review. As always love your reviews. I used to live in the Bay area for a few years and miss it there. More in south bay Santa Clara, San Jose but at one time lived north in Santa Rosa and had friends in Petaluma and Oakland. Visited San Francisco hundreds of times. Now live in Phoenix Arizona and love it here to. Great bike riding weather here all year round.
    Back to the Concours. It is a gerat bike but one can get used to it driving in town but would take some time to do so. Read a review from Competition accessories and two wheel obsession that say the FJR 1300 vibrates more than than Concours but both are great bikes and have their own quirks. Thanks for the review and look forward to more from you..

  8. I have a Star Stratoliner but I’m looking to buy one of these. Weight really isn’t a problem. What was the reliability of the Concours you had? It’s been in it’s current form for a while so I’m hoping they’ve gotten all of the bugs out of it.

  9. The tag on the front brake lever is really distracting. You can see it constantly, and even in the mirror. Then at speed you can hear it. It looks and sounds like you have a tea bag glued to the bike in a hurricane. Tip for videographers: Consider carefully what your riders will be seeing.

  10. Your comments about the 14 being heavy, and top heavy, should have mentioned the other reasons why this is the case. Reasons are: 1. seat height is 31.5, which raises the center of gravity. 2. Gas tank is higher than other bikes because it takes 5.5 gallons. That’s alot of liquid sloshing around. Bike gets easier to do slow manuevering when tank has less gas. I lowered my seat about 3/4 in and that helps lower the gravity by lowering me. I also owned a concours, 2003, and toured all 48 states. Performed terrifically all the time. Avon storm tires made a huge difference over the stock dunlops at the time. It became more resonsive at low speeds and can’t wait until my 2012 tires die. I just bought it last Jan so it was new as of jan 15, no miles, off the show room floor. As far as stableness, it gets lighter and you can move side to side over 15 miles an hour with no problem. Better tires will improve this. As far as gas mileage, even though you need to gas up with 93 octane, is 50 mph when on hwy going 60-65. In eco mode and 6th gear. The concours zg 1000 would get 42 with a 5th gear installed by shoodenben engineering in Florida. Just a fun note from my last ride. Since I had never reved it I decided to do it for a biker who was goproing the road. Pulled up next to him, going 52, kicked it down to 3rd, could have gone to 2nd, but I want to stay seated. In 3rd, it was at 4 grand. Cranked it and in now time I hit 95, still in 3rd, and reving just 7 grand. You can go crazy on this bike and kill yourself, but having fun until the last moment. Bob

  11. I have put 14k miles on my 09 concours 14 ABS in 6 months, what a bike. If you have long rides ahead of you, but like to be sporty, this is the bike. Keeping in mind, that a lot of comfort is sacrificed for that 0-60. I commute to and from work, year round, sub 10 degrees, in all weathers, I wouldn’t have a different bike. Doesn’t wake you up? You should have actually rolled on the throttle, your the only person that has ever said that about a Connie…

  12. You keep mentioning the V-Strom but the V-Strom is not comparable to the Concours in most areas beginning with the weight. The Concours is a much heavier bike so of course it’s going to feel heavier. The V-STrom is an adventure touring bike and in a different class than the Concours. Perhaps you should have compared the Concours to the FJR or the R1200. No offense at all but it’s not fair to keep mentioning the V-Strom while riding a Concours. It’s got a 40% bigger engine than the V-Strom.

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