2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S vs CTX700N Comparison Part 2 – MotoUSA

2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S vs CTX700N Comparison Part 2 – MotoUSA
We pit the 2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S against its Parallel Twin-powered competitor, the 2015 Honda CTX700N, in this mid-size cruiser comparison. Find out how the Vulcan S stacked up in our video and be sure to read our 2015 Honda CTX700N vs Kawasaki Vulcan S Comparison Review: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/2015/12/article/2015-honda-ctx700n-vs-kawasaki-vulcan-s-comparison-review/

Watch Part 1 – 2015 Honda CTX700N:

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13 thoughts on “2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S vs CTX700N Comparison Part 2 – MotoUSA

  1. Nice review! I am really looking into buying a vulcan s or a bolt as a 2nd bike. What was the route you guys took in Oregon?

  2. Dull voice, Dull voice, Dull voice!!!! which unfortunately makes these otherwise good reviews a chore to listen to. Go on, inject some tone into the voice, it will make it all so much better!!!

  3. the vulcan is categorized on kawasaki site as a cruiser…somehow it doesnt feel or ride like one

  4. I’ve just given the ABS a little test in the rain and I was really positively surprised how well it works. It convinced me that every bike today needs ABS.

  5. I test rode the Vulcan S, Harley Street 750, and Honda CTX700 with fairing, the non- N version.  The Vulcan and CTX feel nearly the same when riding.  I liked the looks of the Vulcan more.  But having the fairing along with a 2-up seat plus the dealer giving me $1500 off a leftover new 2014 I picked the CTX and have been very pleased with it thus far.  The Street 750 rode nice too, but having good luck with Hondas I was too reserved over possible quality issues with the Harley.  It was also the most expensive of the three bikes.

  6. Got the ctx700n dct automatic model, it’s a fantastic bike rides very smooth and super easy to handle.

  7. LOL they said the Kaw won, but the CTX can be had with ABS, DCT, large factory luggage and rear rack, fairing, better MPG and longer travel suspension. The Honda clearly wins as a practical commuter. If you like horsepower you shouldn’t be looking at either of these bikes.

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