2014 Lightweight Naked Motorcycle Shootout

2014 Lightweight Naked Motorcycle Shootout
We take the Honda CB300F, Royal Enfield Continental GT, Suzuki GW250, Suzuki TU250X and Yamaha SR400 and explain how all make competent beginner bike alternatives to fully-faired motorcycles like the Honda CBR300R or Kawasaki Ninja 300.

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7 thoughts on “2014 Lightweight Naked Motorcycle Shootout

  1. After watching this video 4 times over a couple of years, owning a TU-250X in between, and considering in more depth the Honda, the Yamaha, and the Enfield  this is what I think:1. The Enfield is junk .. nobody who buys one ever keeps it. It is crude, rude, and high maintenance after an hour you want to beat it with a big wrench. ala 1950’s Harley..  2.  The TU-250 mis quoted as 14 HP.. is nearer 20.  The TU250X is a fuel injected development or the earlier 4 valve carbureted TU-250  which motor was also used in the GZ-250.  As such it has a very long history of bullet proof reliability. The FI makes it very user friendly, low maint and reliable, not mention putting it close to the 100 mpg class.  The TU-250X has a fairly long break-in period.. and examples with 8,000 miles will be producing more power than brand new ones.  The integration of suspension, gearing, wide power band, and good tires makes it an excellent bike for back roads, and touring for the rider who goes light.  30 years from now the TU-250X will still be going strong with decent care. 4. The strong suit for the SR-400  is the bigger frame,  and the flat seat which makes it less cramped for medium and larger riders.  6 footers wont be happy on the TU.. but the SR will be fine.  Some of the internal engine details of the Yamaha are very robust.. look at the big bearings the cam runs in.   That kind of robust construction will NOT be present in the Thai made Honda. 5.  The CBR- versions of the Honda have reliability problems.. the 300’s have engine recalls and sales were stopped due to lower end problems.   the 250 were subject to mysteriously just quitting.. anytime anywhere… which can kill you on a bad day in traffic.   Also.. these bikes are tall, and the dufous styling locks you into a single riding position.. which is BAD on long trips.   6. Wanting to CRUISE at 80 mph is too ambitious for any 250..  65 or 70  is sensible..and also legal and do-able. Most of us don’t live in LA  where 85 is “normal” in the slow lane.

  2. Zshakes! This bitch has not ridden very many bikes. Stupid broad. ? Ride more motorcycles before you put stupid people on.

  3. May I know which country manufacture the Suzuki tu250? I know the brand from Japan and if it is made in it’s original country then it will be great buy!

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