2014 Kawasaki Voyager 1700 ABS – V-Twin Touring Part 1 – MotoUSA

2014 Kawasaki Voyager 1700 ABS – V-Twin Touring Part 1 – MotoUSA
The Vulcan Voyager has muscle car looks, but does it pack a punch like the vehicles it’s styled after? Read our full comparison test: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/10/17877/Motorcycle-Article/2014-V-Twin-Touring-Motorcycle-Comparison.aspx

Part 1: 2014 Kawasaki Voyager 1700 ABS – http://youtu.be/sK4nQpUKq8k

Part 2: 2014 Victory Cross-Country Tour – http://youtu.be/3P5q_CTW-sk

Part 3: 2014 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited – http://youtu.be/gCqI3JcYjSA

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14 thoughts on “2014 Kawasaki Voyager 1700 ABS – V-Twin Touring Part 1 – MotoUSA

  1. I laugh whenever any review mentions a bike makes your back uncomfortable after long haul because of no lumbar support.  REALLY?  ALL bikes take a toll on your back after 4+ hours and ANY cruiser can have a rider back support added which for a control forward position allows you to lean back and relax back muscles.  If you want to compare back pain compare sport bike to cruiser after 4 hours bent over like someone’s bitch vs. riding cruiser leaned back against support…..then you will know uncomfortable and pain….no offense to sport bike folks….enjoy em while your young…you will switch eventually….time is an equal opportunity master.

  2. All three might be touring bikes, but they are in three different prices ranges too.  How can you compare a Harley that starts at almost 27,000, to the other two bikes?

  3. I love my voyager, I’ve had it for just over two yrs and have 36000 miles on it, have done three iron butts on it with the stock seat, I’m 6’1 and think it fits me perfect, I’m hoping it lasts me for a long time.

  4. The vocal fry is complete bullshit. Fake. Bad for your vocal chords and difficult to listen to.

  5. I have a 2010 voyager red and black check Benny’s Kawasaki voyager l have a small video. Have 17000 miles now my wife and I took trips all around country when we take time off work. Never a single problem. My cousin has a 2014 ultra limited we switched bikes on a 120 mile ride we both agreed the ride was about equal the voyager handles better ,has better brakes and l outran him by about 6 bikes but his Harley was all stock at that time mine wasn’t. I put a set of tires modified pipes,thunder air kit,power comma der,red led lights upgrade steel and speakers. Etc..

  6. Lets be honest< Todays Jap cruisers are in most ways  (and others) are every bit  as good as a Harley! I have a 06 Yamaha 1700 Roadstar which will cruise all day at 2500 rpms……Harleys are great bikes, but at the higher cost they don't preform any better.(In my humble opinion!) Theyre are good now a days!

  7. We rode our Voyager from Washington state to Florida and back, over 7000 miles. 500 plus miles per day in August of 2014. Water cooled was nice crossing Texas and Arizona. I am 6’0″ and found it to be very comfortable with breaks every 150 miles. Goldwings with ABS and Harleys are $10,000 more than what I paid. Victory dealers are hard to find, closest one to me is 60 miles away. One more thought; the Voyager is the only one in this comparison with a frame mounted fairing. I will travel the Columbia river gorge once a year and after several wind storms on our trip I have learned that a frame mounted faring is a huge advantage.

  8. HAd a friend lose control on his voyager and get hurt I left my victory cross country with friends and rode his voyager home for him  after getting off my cross country and riding the voyager  I could see how he lost control .

  9. I have owned a voyager since 2012 and love the bike. The shifter isn’t up too high and the engine has lots of power. Most Harley riders I know have traded their less reliable Harley for Honda’s or other Japanese bikes

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