2014 Kawasaki KLR650 Accessorized Walkaround – 2013 New York Motorcycle Show

2014 Kawasaki KLR650 Accessorized Walkaround – 2013 New York Motorcycle Show
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15 thoughts on “2014 Kawasaki KLR650 Accessorized Walkaround – 2013 New York Motorcycle Show

  1. The Kawasaki bags are horrible for anything beyond light duty in a city.¬† They soak more water in than a sponge.¬† The zippers are poor quality.¬† On the tail bag I had to stop using the one side after a couple weeks.¬† The stitching pulled away from the bag leaving about a 4 inch hole in the side pouch.¬† I cut a hole in the bottom of it just to let the water drain out.¬† The stitching also has let go from the bottom.¬† Not completely just in a 15 to 20 cm section.¬† To use it I bought a plastic container that was close to the interior size and with that came a lid.¬† Clamps and a Rubbermaid container cost 12cdn dollars, are completely waterproof and virtually indestructable.¬† That tail bag was 140 cdn dollars………do the math.

  2. This bike is much bigger than I thought it would be. Came real close on pulling the trigger today at the dealership. 

  3. Come on guys, fuel gauge, fuel injection….Sure, but then instead of 6800$ you will be paying 10000$.¬† This is why the bike sells for such a great price, because they eliminated all the little things that you really do not need…Any good rider can gauge his fuel by using the trip odometer….Don’t be so lazy…..For 6500-6800$ new, you get a great bike, you will not find a better deal…

  4. No…the LAST thing they should ever do is put fuel injection on this bike.¬† The reason why these things do what they can is because they have TREMENDOUS torque…not HP.¬† As for the fuel gauge, RaDDx1968 is spot on…I use my trip odo always when riding, trail or touring.
    My 2012 looks the same as this one, other than when I got it home from the dealer, I took every single sticker/decal off the entire bike.  I also added the SW-Motech TraX aluminum cases on the rear, as I hate plastic bags.

  5. Replace the engine with the Z800 would be a start. I find my KLR fairly gutless its good on country roads and some mild off road stuff, but compared to the VStrom 650 I had its in need a but of revamp work. 

  6. looks good
    why no engine guard bars as standard i wonder
    another viewer said it has a 35 inch seat height
    no good for me then, not as a 5 foot 6 inches rider
    oh well, i will stick with my 2013 vstrom 650

  7. the dual sport bike scene is so pathetic, hardly any innovative or new models, just same old same old.¬† Adding more accessories on a bike isn’t¬†innovation.

    DRZ400 – no change since 2000
    WR250R – no change since 2008
    KLX250s – no change since whatever, I forgot, too long ago
    KLX650 – no change since whatever, I forgot, too long ago
    DR650 – no change since whatever, I forgot, too long ago
    XR650L – no change since whatever, I forgot, too long ago
    CRF250L Рno change since 2012, a bike that was made for Asian market where owning a 250cc is king of the hill.
    KTM, Bata, Husaberg, Aprilla Рexpensive, questionable durability, lack dealership for sales and parts.

  8. That’s a really nice looking bike.¬† But that rear brake cable really bugs me.¬† they should have designed that caliper so that the cable bolts on from the other side.¬† Off road I’d be worried it would snag on something.

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