2013 Sport-Touring Shootout 1.0

2013 Sport-Touring Shootout 1.0
Since Yamaha was kind enough to revamp the FJR1300 for 2013, we thought it was high time to see how it stacked up against the Honda ST1300 and Kawasaki Concours 14 in a sport-touring shootout.



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30 thoughts on “2013 Sport-Touring Shootout 1.0

  1. Perhaps I shouldn’t comment as I haven’t ridden any of these 3. As a concept, and while I’m getting older, I appreciate low weight and ergonomics. Riding in Thailand with animals on the street (from river crabs to buffalos and countless chicken and dogs), top speed doesn’t matter.

    Wish someone would focus on the Deauville. Let her go on a diet, strengthen the engine and voila, that’s a sensible bike!

  2. ummmm, iiiiiiiii thiiiinnnnnkk thaaaat thhheee onnnne duuuude speeeeeeaks verrrrry stttraaaangley.

  3. Is there any chance on seeing a review of the 2016 ST1300? Apparently these are not coming to New Zealand 🙁

  4. Love my FJR1300. Yet while a 2007 model overall not a lot of changes over the years. Amazing value, performance & durability.

  5. Amazing that the Honda is an older design yet it still beats out newer offerings from Kawasaki and Yamaha in what a Sport Tourer does best; handling and range.  Personally I think it looks better than the rest, too.

  6. I don’t understand why Honda stop make ST1300 and start make CTX1300.ST1300 is much-much better on the road,than new model of CTX,and this bike was very good on the market. CTX1300 is not good on the market and after one year Honda discontinued this bike.Maybe very soon we will see ST models again? For now on this moment in 2016,I like more Yamaha FJR1300 sport-touring,because,Yamaha still made this bike.Kawasaki Concourse is good too,but I like more Yamaha FJR1300.

  7. Comparisons are entertaining at best. I have ridden all of these bikes. As standalone entities, they are all good motorcycles. The first one I rode was the ST1300. I rented it to ride around the Lake Tahoe area. Spent the whole day on it. It was a little high for me being 5’7″. However, it got me around those hair pin turns. When I looked into buying one, I got sticker shock. Instrument cluster worked fine.
    The next one I tried was the Concours. Not as comfortable as the ST, but had way more takeoff power. I also like the transmission the best out of all 3.
    The FJR was cool and had nice handling. But the transmission was the worse out of the 3 for me. Despite the features, having to manage the shifting was something I would have to get used to.

    I wound up buying the Concours. Best bang for the buck. Changing to Pilot Power 3 tires vastly improved the handling over the stock ones.

    Again, I could live with and be happy with any of these bikes.

  8. Bullcrap, no problems, use the lowest linked breaking, steers fine, whiny journalist!

  9. for 2013 There was cruise but no 6th gear. Great bike, but the Kawasaki is my favorite. The bike is agile for it’s size, fast an tractable. I have no complaints.

  10. I feel like you don’t understand the word luxury or the term “middle of the road”. You said the Honda is luxury and immediately say it should have heated grips. How can it be luxury and not have cruise control or heated grips? Then you say the Kawasaki is “middle of the road” and immediately say it is on the sport end of the sport touring spectrum. How is it middle of the road if it is on one end of the spectrum? What kind of journalism is this?

  11. I am really interested in a sport touring bike and was ready to buy the evaluation that motorcycle.com gave in this video. Then I noticed something about the Kawasaki Concours 14, by shear coincidence. The Concours 14 they are riding is Blue. Kawasaki did not make a blue Concours in 2015 or 2014 that I am aware of. So I checked and found out that they made one in 2009, 2010, and 2013. Wow that does not sound like a good review because there were many changes in that bike for 2015 including the link braking that they speak so ill about. Now I have to think they did the same with the Honda as well to give Yamaha an unfair advantage in this review. I often took these guys word as gospel, now I am very cautious to believe the review at all. Please do not do those things because serious buyers like myself take these reviews as a means to make an informed decision when purchasing motorcycles since most dealers only let you demo a motorcycle for 1 mile or less. Thanks but be totally upfront from now on.

  12. C 14 Rules, no cruise but handles beautifully, ad the kaoko throttle lock is fine.Light steering and very fast, can’t complain

  13. I decide buy lightly used sport touring bike from Honda and bought 2012 Honda ST1300. Exactly same bike, same age and same color, like on this video. Awesome bike.Yes, its heavy,but I’m riding with my wife almost all the time and I doesn’t feel that this bike is heavy. Honda ST1300 is more touring bike,than sport, FJR and Concourse-more sport,than touring. And this is difference between this three bikes.

  14. I’ve owned dirt, cruiser, Harley flh, and the FJR is the most enjoyable to ride. Loads of power, good handling, and great looks.

  15. FJR is the best sport touring bike not made by BMW. I own one. But I’d rather have a K1600GT if money was not a factor.

  16. Thanks guys! I was struggling between the ST and the FJ but you’ve helped me settle on the FJ! Don’t like the BMs at all.

  17. I’d take the ST1300, even in 2017. Just look at the saddlebags! With the ST13, they’re well-integrated. It actually looks better with them ON. Take them off, and there are two big gaping holes. With the other two, they’re like bulbuous tumors, from every angle. Honda doesn’t really NEED to update the ST1300. These days, it’s replaced by the VFR1200, but even that doesn’t really fill its shoes.

    This is coming from a former FJR owner. I settled for the FJR, because the ST13 was too expensive. But I swapped rides with a buddy, and I prefer the ST. Its lower center of gravity and 90° V-4 make all the difference. The engine is SO much smoother than the FJR’s. Torque everywhere.

  18. I wish these reviewers would actually weight the bikes instead of relying on the manufacturer’s numbers.
    In reality the FJR is NOT 100 lbs lighter than the ST. It weighs about 705 lbs, the C14 is 720 with half a tank of gas and the ST is about 720 lbs ready to ride.

  19. At 5’2 I purchased a st 1300 and liked it but for me being on my tip toes and the weight I sold it and picked up a 2006 vfr with all ohlins and scotts suspension and had hard bags and heated grip a power outlet and a ram mount great for the city great on the open road but I do miss adjustable windscreen. I did not find the 1300 as fast or powerful as I thought I would imagine 1/4 mile times are neck and neck with the 800 the st was also very hot in Texas too bad Honda didn’t re tool the vfr to about 1000 and give it a windscreen instead of the 1300 crap they put out

  20. why would anyone want a motorcycle that does not do anything well at all ! these things remind me of the 1st honda goldwings from 1975 .. that were said by cycleworld to be ” observation platforms …. these things are big fat pigs .. the yamadog weighs over 640 pounds !!! the honda weighs 730 pounds and i never bothered looking up the kaw yet ..the honda is 100 pounds heavier than my harley davidson dyna !!! the honda has 120hp .. but only puts out about 80 foot pounds of torque + 730 pounds of deadweight = Slow very Slow .. with only a top speed of 124mph .. which is too fast for such an unsafe bike to begin with ! the suspensions on all these sport touring models suck at only 4.9 to 5 inches maxed out .. coupled with only 5 inches of ground clearance = no speed bumps allowed or you are dead ! .. but they also have huge fuel tanks, but not for any extended range , because of a motorcycle with only a 1.3 Liter engine are gas hogs of only 35 miles per gallon at 55 miles an hour …so apparently they all waste a lot of fuel through the engine and out the tailpipe .. gasoline does not lubricate anything so these losers are not going to help the life of the pistons rings … and now we talk about the numbers in united states dollars $$$$ my harley brand new cost $13,500 bucks add the optional complete touring package gives you a total of $17 599 bucks …the yamadog cost $17,999 bucks ..and the big pig honda-davidson lead sled cost $18,999 bucks .. and my harley will run circles around both of these observation platforms from japan ….so how come most all people believe a harley cost more money and is well overpriced .. where i went to school we learned how to add and subtract .sop how do millions and millions of people claim jap bikes are cheaper than harley when you paid the same for a yamaha that will buy a much faster and better handling harley ..i don’t care if they did cost ,more , because i like motorcycles that go fast and can turn a corner without crashing on a speed bump ..and today’s jap bikes fail ……so this is what you could have had for exactly the same money .. hehehehe


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