2013 Kawasaki Z1000 Review & Walkaround – Official NEW Motorcycle

2013 Kawasaki Z1000 Review & Walkaround – Official NEW Motorcycle
The 2013 Kawasaki Z1000 doesn’t bring much to in itself although it now comes with an under-engine pre-chamber which let’s engineers use shorter mufflers for great looks and better mass centralization. If your tired of the crouch down ZX-10R position, the Kawasaki Z1000 will be much more relaxing and still having a huge amount of power. The weight of the bike is unbelievably heavy although the benefit to that is much greater handling!

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18 thoughts on “2013 Kawasaki Z1000 Review & Walkaround – Official NEW Motorcycle

  1. I know theres a special edition in white and red but i would expect it out later next year, may time, if one did come out

  2. this bike isn’t heavy it ways 221kg wet which is less then 20kg heavier than a R1 wet

  3. i bought the 2013 z1000 special edition, simply its and awesome and a really fun bike to ride and you can ride for a long time without having back problems, and am very happy with the engine, it incredibly good and powerful and the handling is awesome i think that this bike is more suitable for wheelies and stunts stuff like that cos its easy to ride, if you like racing this isn’t a bike for you
    but believe me (if you test ride it you will love it) its very joy full i love it 😀

  4. You’ve obviously never ridden the bike. Can’t believe the amount of ignorant comments like this that exist on YouTube.

  5. I’ve ridden the FZ8, 2012 Z1000, speed triple R and various Ducati and I’d choose the Z1000 every time. It’s much more fun to ride than any of the other bikes. My favorite are the “armchair experts” on here who throw out wild accusations without having ridden this bike. Seriously, go take a test ride of the Z1000 and tell me I’m wrong. Or, keep spreading garbage without any idea what you are talking about.

  6. My first bike was a Z1000 ( first generation 2003/2006 )…and I never sold or puted a scrach on it. It still great fun !

  7. too much fairings for a naked bike imo but that can be remedied easily, ditch the light. aslo needs upgraded front shocks and the cans need to go. then =)

  8. exactly, people who envy will always point out sily things, they would say, it is too green, to heavy, too ugly. i like kawasaki style, mix of sharp edges with smooth lines, era of aval fairings has finished, i have zzr1400 and there is no alternative for that bike so far, i will be only replacing it for newer. kawasaki brand had always most comfy and powerful bikes for each capacity classes ever.and one guy from yamaha dealer said” kawa bikes are built like tanks”and this is not lie.

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