2012 Kawasaki ZX-14R test and review by Motorcycle Daily (MotorcycleDaily.com)

2012 Kawasaki ZX-14R test and review by Motorcycle Daily (MotorcycleDaily.com)
2012 Kawasaki ZX-14R test and review by Motorcycle Daily (MotorcycleDaily.com)

23 thoughts on “2012 Kawasaki ZX-14R test and review by Motorcycle Daily (MotorcycleDaily.com)

  1. im 6-1 270 and i have this same bike for 2 months now and all i can say is it is like BUTTER, so smooth and fast, on the highway it actually feels like a touring bike, i installed the 3/4 inch heli rier blocks on mine and it helps out quite a bit with the comfort…… i had an 08 busa before this, and that was my 3rd busa but this thing has it ALL OVER IT!!!! scary to think about what suzuki might make now lol

  2. At 31.5 inches seat height my short 26 inch legs forbid me from ever owing one, even if I could afford one.

  3. can i ask how you got to record voice whilst riding…i own a very good helmet cam but so far have been unable to achieve decent voice/sound recording. this video gives very good voice over while giving a very good background of the engine and road noise..what equipment did you use???

  4. This bike should be for everyone. If it’s not fast enough on the road for you; you shouldn’t be riding. If it’s not smooth and comfy enough for you; you shouldn’t be riding. It’s also cheaper than the touring models and cheaper than the european sport bikes. This bike is for everyone. If you have to pin the throttle and kill yourself then I hope you don’t have kids already cause we don’t need more stupid people on the earth.

  5. cans cut down on vibration? Seriously? The stock cans are way too heavy…
    2 up? Seriously? Do you actually ride motorcycles?
    If you think this bike needs a turbo, you obviously don’t own one.

  6. very tempted to buy one. is the suspension changes alot better than the previous 14?

  7. This is the best review of this bike out there, and I’ve seen them all. I bought a 2012 new, kept it for 3 years, then sold it to buy a BMW R1200RT. It was a blast to ride and easy to work on EXCEPT for removing the mid-fairing, which had a very small and easy-to-break tab that engaged the front cowl. Why, Kawasaki? I finally got tired of hassling with it. The BMW is made for the kind of riding I like to do now, but I do miss the power and smoothness of the Kawi.

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