2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R Comparison Video Motorcycle Video Motorcycle USA2

2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R Comparison Video Motorcycle Video Motorcycle USA2

25 thoughts on “2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R Comparison Video Motorcycle Video Motorcycle USA2

  1. Did they own these bikes since new? Do you mean valve timing or valve clearance or both? Did they stabilize the gas when putting their bikes into storage?

  2. just clearance, sometimes timing obviously but clearance is the main thing. I don’t know what they did, but they are all mechanics so I’d be suprised if they fucked up anything as simple as storage man.

  3. I don’t know your friends. Are they motorcycle mechanics by trade or automotive mechanics? Do they take their bikes on rougher roads? I imagine if these problems were as widespread as you report, they’d end up on a site like the Ninja 250 FAQ and most used bike review sites.

  4. they are motorcycle mechanics 2 of them own a shop together and they do as complicated work as transmission rebuilds and cylinder machining and such.

  5. The Honda is obviously a better package if you don’t care about looking cool while riding a bike.??—– you mean your sponsored by HONDA? ( Your words right back at ya )

  6. The Honda does have more torque in the low and middle engine speed ranges. It also has a greater torque peak available earlier. The Kawasaki picks up past 9000 rpm and can keep revving to 13000 rpm. The info is on a dyno chart at MotoUSA.com’s 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R Comparison article so you don’t have to make guesses.

  7. kawasaki or honda??the answer is…..KAWASAKI boi
    look this bike looks alot better
    it has more horsepower
    has little to no vibrations
    its faster an i know people complain about the dash board but i think it looks good.
    and it its a nice over all bike.
    plus the honda looks like a scooter on steroids not reall a good body syle

  8. for the people that complain about the dashboard, you’re supposed to look on the road and not on the dash…

  9. Depends how heavy you are….80 or 85 mph is probably close to where it tops out though.

  10. Fact is if you want speed…do no buy a 250…..I see the 250r’s on the highways all the time. neither bike is made to be a speed demon.

  11. Word is, the price is gonna go up for the 2013 250rs. My friend has a cbr250r and it goes on the highway just fine. Both bikes can do 85s easy. 100+ if you push it. But you wouldnt do that though, because the speed limits 70.

  12. Prices are still up for grabs since they have not unveiled the new model in United States.

    Are you serious? Speed limit is 70 mph in most highways in the United States. I dont know if they enforce speed limits where you live but people in the US seldomly travel over 100 mph to “overtake” other cars. Most people cruise around 85 mph, even then that’s well above ticketable speed.

  13. Travel on the highway? Of course you can. I love Kawi, but just because it has more hp (not by much) doesn’t mean it’s “better” for the highways.

  14. It’s simple. Ninja for slightly higher speeds. Cbr for around town so whatever you do most get

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