2010 Oddball Sport-Touring Motorcycle Shootout: Ducati vs Honda vs Kawasaki

2010 Oddball Sport-Touring Motorcycle Shootout: Ducati vs Honda vs Kawasaki
With an odd collection of three motorcycles we set out to answer the unanswerable: What bike do you really need for sport-touring? The Ducati Multistrada, Honda VFR1200F and Kawasaki Z1000 may just fit the bill.

Read the full shootout here: http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-outs/2010-oddball-sporttouring-shootout-ducati-multistrada-vs-honda-vfr1200f-vs-kawasaki-z1000-89863.html

You say tom-a-to, someone says tom-o-to.

Your riding buddies say they can tour on any bike. You say most touring-oriented bikes have a sporty side and therefore make the best sport-tourer.

Oops! Did we just allude to one of the more controversial, even incendiary, topics in modern motorcycling?

Today, when someone utters the word sportbike, the likely response is a GSX-R, an R6, a Honda CBR, or some such thing. But ask a rider to describe his or her ideal of a sport-touring machine, and the answers are wide ranging….


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22 thoughts on “2010 Oddball Sport-Touring Motorcycle Shootout: Ducati vs Honda vs Kawasaki

  1. The Kawi was 10g less because it had no accessories. Add accessories like the other 2 and its a minor 3000 difference if you were to load it up. and the price difference is noticeable. The Kawi has no features to compare to the Ducati or the Honda.

  2. “Comfort and storage capacity”….mate, it’s not a car you wanker.
    And what’s with the aural assault at the end? Did someone attack the crow? lol

  3. The Honda is a TOURER. The Ducati is an ENDURO-TOURER (although it opens its own new category). And the Kawasaki is a BIG NAKED. What on Earth could be the common criteria, on which you could organize a shootout between these bikes other than the fact that they have two wheels?? No hatred, just…

  4. I have a 2004 Kawasaki Concours ZG1000. Took it across the country. The Kawasaki here doesn’t have the fairing or hard bags. I put most of my stuff in a waterproof bag strapped on the seat behind me, so, I COULD live without the bags, but I liked the wind protection–lets me ride more in spring and fall here in Wisconsin, too.

    Which of these bikes would be most comfortable on a 1,000 mile day? Seat, wind protection, riding position, ride comfort? Looking at them I’m thinking Honda.

  5. Naked is my style. So I wouldn’t have considered the Honda or Duke. But I also prefer retro. So I want a Kwak Eddie Lawson Replica. B¬)

  6. Sport tour seems to be only two of the bikes? And you guys could have filmed it better, ie a quieter place? Kawasaki is going to cost less it doesn’t belong in this test! You guys just train wreaked the test. The Ducati will do anything the other bikes will do you should have compared it to a BMW GS.

  7. Sport Touring should be the best of those two worlds. Comfort in distance and performance in the twist. Plus an oversized tank to go further and plenty of storage for days long trips. I think this test missed the point.

  8. Where – on what roads in central California – did you do this filming?

  9. Thanx fellas, always good posts without the puncing about. And you know bikes and can ride ace

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