2009 Sport Touring Motorcycle Comparison Review

2009 Sport Touring Motorcycle Comparison Review
http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/12/5007/Motorcycle-Article/2009-Sport-Touring-Shootout-IV.aspx Motorcycle USA rides the Kawasaki Concours 14, Yamaha FJR1300, Triumph Sprint ST and BMW K1300 GT on the Oregon Coast in this Sport Touring bike shootout.

18 thoughts on “2009 Sport Touring Motorcycle Comparison Review

  1. Wait untill you do a valve adjustment!! Thw WHOLE fairing needs to come apart……….lift the tank on the FJR and you’re there!

  2. So, am I supposed to go and sell my Concours 14 now, and buy an FJR, purely because the valve adjustment is (admittedly) a more complicated affair than that on the FJR? Why make such a ridiculously superfluous comment? Are you seeking validation that the FJR is the end-all, be-all of sport-touring motorcycles, simply because, to your assertion, the valve check is easier? Do you want someone to agree with you and say, “Your bike is better.”?

    FJR people never fail to amuse me…

  3. No.
    The FJR is a better bike for a variety of reasons.
    Weighs 50 lbs or more less than the Connie, weighs 100lbs less than the ST1300.
    Handles better than the Connie 14 in every review I’ve ever read.
    Cost less than any other Sport Tourer of the same size and the FJR is smaller and more compact.
    There’s more but for those reasons alone I’d get rid of your Connie 14, but ride what you want, doesn’t effect me.
    I could amuse you with more of the FJR’s attributes if you want!

  4. And it’s not my “assertion” that the valve check/adjust is easier on the FJR…it’s a FACT from mechanics that work on them.

    Oh yeah the valve adjustment on the FJR is at 26,000 mile intervals too, much longer than the Connie 14.

  5. You have an FJR, yes? Let’s settle this. Pick a racetrack anywhere in the United States or Canada. I’ll meet you there. 5 laps. Whoever wins, that’s the better bike, deal?

  6. LOL funny man……I’m going to waste my time and money to prove to YOU something I already know!!! LOL

    Ride what you want, You think the Connie is a better bike, I think the FJR is, what’s to “settle”?? LOL

  7. You hide behind your keyboard, making comments/statements to troll people. That’s fine. When presented with a challenge, you do/say everything you can to avoid it, because you don’t want to be called out. Ok, no problem.

    But how about this: I come to YOU. You pick the track. I’ve ridden across the US, it’s a piece of cake. Laguna Seca? Watkins Glen? Road America? Take your pick. Or you’re just chicken. Suits me either way. 10k+ C14 riders agree with me that the C14 is the best bike for THEM.

  8. Look you Moron……I never said you OR I were a better RIDER.

    I said the FJR is a better bike for NUMEROUS reasons including ease and frequency and of maintainence.

    If you don’t like my coments TOUGH SHIT and your welcome to your own it’s a free country!

    That being said racing around a track has NOTHING to do with what I said, so stop wasting my time.

  9. Whose time is wasted? I thought we were having a discussion on the merits of one toy over another? You’re the one making this into something more than it has to be.

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  11. I know the ST1300 hasn’t changed since 2003 but it’s still a premium Sport Tourer. Other than the seat, it does everything well and the range is bigger than any other. Love the looks of the SprintST but I’m on my 2nd ST and will stay until something comes along as reliable and easy to ride.

  12. My ‘upgrade’ from a BMW K75/RT was the Sprint ST 1050. While the Flying Brick was a comfy bike, and could be ridden all day, it just didn’t have the spirit I was looking for. The Sprint has it in spades, but unlike the K75, it eats tires, actually costs more to have serviced, and if you should happen to drop it with the panniers on, it almost goes all the way wheels-up.

    I’m thinking, since there are no more Sprints to be had save used, I may end up getting a Speed Triple and then aftermarket it into a semi-sport-tour bike (bar risers, better seat, panniers, and a real windscreen).

  13. Just wondering why no one at loud admit that used bmw is an expensive piece of crap

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