2008 Hayabusa vs. ZX-14R Shootout – Motorcycle Reviews

2008 Hayabusa vs. ZX-14R Shootout – Motorcycle Reviews
2008 Hayabusa vs. ZX-14R Shootout – Motorcycle Reviews
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Two years after Kawasaki stepped into the ring to face Suzuki, the ZX-14 and GSX1300R Hayabusa remain the only machines in a universe all their own. No literbike can match the asphalt-peeling 100 ft-lbs of torque that pours forth from these 1340cc-plus hyperbikes.

23 thoughts on “2008 Hayabusa vs. ZX-14R Shootout – Motorcycle Reviews

  1. Well we are better than the Brits, we will give an honest review over trying to twist everything to make it look like we have the best product.

  2. You want to know what back roads are? or…? You take it to back roads and brawl (drag) other bikes/cars and win cuz its a busa. While the zx14 has track capabilities.

    (Not that I agree or know anything at all, just explaining the statement)

  3. So my wife keeps breaking our monthly budget and apologizing while im always frugal. But she has no idea that im just patiently waiting to get my hayabusa then WHAMO destroy the budget ­čśë and my life is complete

  4. Im in luv with my 08 ZX14 …I sold my 05 busa …I luv both bikes tho there extremely fast …I do like the 14 more my wrist used to hurt so bad!!

  5. you say Suzuki have failed to tweeks some bits but not what.  I tried 14R and it was like sitting on Harry Potters broom, my Busa has much more presence and its ace.

  6. dichosos ustedes ke tienen dinero yo deseo tener una y no tengo dinero ustedes dios si los kiere a nosotros no nos kiere

  7. The price difference is not worth mentioning. The Hyabusa is the better bike and has more potential to be modified. With the right stuff they will do 240mph without too much messing. I did enjoy your review.

  8. better comfort-better looks-better presence= zx14 busa is good 2 .it just looks like some poorly designed malfunctioning toy in a childs toybox.

  9. I am a owner of a pc5 tuned Suzuki Hayabusa and i wonder what Suzuki is missing as you say but dont mention !?.

  10. Wtf!! Can I actually get a comparison? Which has better breaks, which has better handling, which is more comfortable to ride in different settings, which has better fuel economy? These people suck with reviews!!! Damn

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