2008 Dual-Sport Motorcycle Comparison – MotoUSA

2008 Dual-Sport Motorcycle Comparison – MotoUSA
MotorcycleUSA.com rounded up a trio of the latest dual-sport bikes from three motorcycle manufacturers that have plenty of experience in this unique niche. The venerable Honda XR650L, the recently updated Kawasaki KLR650 and the all-new BMW G 650 Xcountry.

Read the full report: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/11/362/Motorcycle-Article/2008-Dual-Sport-Comparo.aspx

29 thoughts on “2008 Dual-Sport Motorcycle Comparison – MotoUSA

  1. is the honda made in japan? bmw made in china? just found out my klr is korean! not to happy.

  2. Get the honda and put an oil cooler on it or get the DR650 and add new suspension…I think the honda wins…however the honda is always ridiculed by short girly men that cant touch the ground when sitting on it….you boys shoulda ate your Wheaties instead of eating pop-tarts.The honda is the one you will want in the dirt.

  3. Are you kidding i have taking my bmw higher then most the klr guys get. Also it is a thing of beauty and insures everyone knows i have more money then you!

  4. Check my channel for some crash test of the BMW g650 xcountry up here in BC Canada

  5. I was kidding but less be serious, more horse power, more torque, less weight, air bag suspension in the front, adjustable front and rear shocks on the fly, single swing arm, lower seat, upright sitting position, more power, faster top speed, better on the roads and corners….. so you’ll climb of one of the logs off road better then me…. everything else i got the winning ticket!

  6. This is perhaps the worst review I’ve ever seen. Also, the KLR is the best because its a Kawasaki.

  7. What was that at 2:06 ? 

    This year’s incarceration? 

    Were you trying for incarnation? 

  8. That bmw looks like a street bike. how is that even a dual sport? who thought that would be able to handle offroading? horrible suspension travel. street tires. no engine protection…thats just a street bike someone decided to call a dual sport. if only honda would bring back the xr650r with e start it would be the king of dual sport just like it was the king of baja

  9. No DR650? Guess it would probably make the new improved KLR look bad. That would be embarrassing considering the DR hasn’t changed since 96.

    I’d like to get a first dual sport bike here soon. My requirements are:
    Highway capable, but not dedicated highway commuter. 
    Enough space and power for storage units. 
    Very off road capable, but nothing extreme like jumping. 
    Low ball budget. 

    I am 5’10” and 150lbs, long arms and legs. 

    Some options I’m looking at are the DR, KLR, and XR. Maybe DRZ, but I think for maximum reliability I want air-cooled only (opinion can be changed). Please add any other bikes I should consider, and give me your choice if you were in my shoes and why!  :)

  11. He said “this years incarceration..” I guess you don’t need to know the meaning of words to write motorcycle reviews. Just make shit up to sound good.

  12. Ha ha the narrator said the latest Kawasaki KLR “Incarceration”..  I think he meant incarnation.  Unless he’s trying to tell ppl that the KLR feels like your trapped.

  13. OMG motorcycle USA came a long way (video quality and sound quality). great reviews tho

  14. Wich would be the best for a 1.92m 100kg guy for mostly in town,decently (2-300km) journeys in 1 go and thus won’t vibrate and fill comfortable (for rider and engine) cruising at 120-140km/h but could go on the unpaved roads,shortcuts and easy mountain trals ?

  15. guys the KLR might have a good motor but it is just horrrrribly looking motorbike .. sorry I had to say that :))

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