2008-2011 Kawasaki ZX14 Voodoo Exhaust (Motorcycle Video)

2008-2011 Kawasaki ZX14 Voodoo Exhaust (Motorcycle Video)
A Garwood Custom Cycles’ Kawasaki ZX14 features a Voodoo exhaust, which is designed for performance and outstanding tone. Garwood carries a complete line of Voodoo at http://dld.bz/deZFx. The Voodoo is CNC mandrel bent stainless steel for perfect fit, master welded and a re-buildable exhaust baffle. It is finished in show polish or midnight black with laser etched Voodoo Exhaust logo. The Voodoo is available at Garwood Custom Cycles at http://dld.bz/deZFx.

The VooDoo Slip-On exhaust mounts to the stock exhaust and are designed to work with stock configuration, wide tire or stretched swingarms. Clamps hardware and instructions are included.

More details on Voodoo pipes at http://dld.bz/deZFx.

10 thoughts on “2008-2011 Kawasaki ZX14 Voodoo Exhaust (Motorcycle Video)

  1. I had the VooDoo exhaust on my 2013 ZX14-R and I really appreciated the sound the exhaust system have. My only draw back was that when riding for hours I would have a horrible headache from the loudness of them. I changed to the Brock’s Alien Head 2 full exhaust 4:1 for that reason and to get a little more performance out of my bike. Also, by switching, it keeps the cops off my ass. But overall, it’s a nice system if you not trying to drop $1500 on a complete exhaust.

  2. with voodoo pipes if you keep the baffle inside. would you still have back fire sound and will it still be crazy loud?

  3. What a great idea for father’s day, a new pipe is more exciting than a tie!!  Give us a call (336) 249-8289 Garwood Custom Cycle. #fathersdaygifts   #Motorcycle   #summer   #giftsforhim  

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