$200 Kawasaki Dirt Bike – Will It Legal?

0 Kawasaki Dirt Bike – Will It Legal?
We got the 0 KDX200 running in the previous video, but I really want to be road legal. I give it my best try!

17 thoughts on “$200 Kawasaki Dirt Bike – Will It Legal?

  1. Mirrors arent really relevant for mototcycles as shoulder checks are 30% more safer than a mirror as they are so small u have many blind spots as for the kdx 200 my favoufite bike in the 90s to play with as they wer very popular would be very interesting to see the final outcome of the project great video and great bike.

  2. Why didn’t the guy trying to make his bike street legal, who thought the back tyre may be leaking, stand the wheel upright in twelve
    Inches of water and rotate it. That would most certainly have showed
    him if it was leaking.The bath is an
    Ideal place for that little job.Quick and essy instead of waiting until the next day to see if it had deflated.

  3. “Why don’t you audit your shoe collection? Why don’t you audit your motorcy”
    Best line on youtube all day.

  4. I really like your videos bro.. Thats nice what u did to tht bike.. Your wifes witty one liners are great as well.. Keep posting

  5. Why is it that no matter how god awful my day is, these videos make it all better? I love it.

  6. Two lovely people. I adore your channel, as I always learn something new an useful in a charming and entertaining way.
    Thank you.

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