$200 Kawasaki Dirt Bike – Who Cares About Turn Signals

0 Kawasaki Dirt Bike – Who Cares About Turn Signals
I got the plate, so now it’s time to start making some stuff work. Here we see what can be done about the turn signals.

20 thoughts on “$200 Kawasaki Dirt Bike – Who Cares About Turn Signals

  1. Your videos are awesome! Good content every time! Slow or not I guarantee we’d watch. Looking forward to more vids. You inspired me to purchase an XR200R and bring it back to life!

  2. Did this video have to be soooo long?? I could feel the boredom of the wifey through the screen….nice bike though..

  3. Not sure if I should subscribe. I usually like to be taken out to dinner first before I enter such a commitment.

  4. switch some of the better plastics on the parts bike to the real bike ( like the headlight )

  5. All you need is a separate lithium battery to power the flasher, switch and brake switch. Just wire separately. Place it under seat with a charging plug accessible.

  6. Ok, I actually *am* on speaking terms with Electricity, and I’m scratching my head here. ? Why are we referring to this as an “AC” system? 12vdc automotive bulbs and thermal flasher-units are very unlikely to operate on ac power. I’m guessing that bike gets its electrical current from a stator, not an alternator. Sorry, I’m not understanding why getting the lights to operate is a complicated issue here. I watched you troubleshoot a basket-case generator. Can this really be more difficult?? Im honestly confoozled. o.O

  7. Picked up a little klx110 project recently. Your KDX progress has me excited to start tinkering! I may make a much less cool video documenting it

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