$200 Kawasaki Dirt Bike – New Problems

0 Kawasaki Dirt Bike – New Problems
My goal today was to figure out if I could make the tachometer work, but in the process I discover some new issues.

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  1. Forget the Tach, and go spend some time with your wife and kid! Just ride the bike until it blows up. Once you blow it up, part it out and you will be money ahead.

  2. If you’re pretty sure it’s double the speed, because of 2-stroke vs 4-stroke, and since it’s based on the frequency of electrical signals coming in, for mere pocket change, you can solder together a capacitor, rectifier, IC circuit that will mathematically correct the frequency/count, and give you the correct reading…

  3. A rectifier turns ac (what the field from the magneto is putting out) into dc, a regulator will take dc and turn it into a specified voltage on it’s output, but you will ALWAYS need a higher voltage into the regulator to get the specific voltage it was intended to give. So lets say his field winding’s are putting out 30 volts AC, you run that through a rectifier and you would get about a half volt less through it at about 29.5 volts DC so the output can now be reliably regulated to 12-14 VDC out from the regulator. Without the right rectifier/regulator (some units will do both jobs in one little unit) it will never run the electrical system properly. PLEASE I am not bashing on the guy, I just want to help anyone understand what is needed to make this or any vehicle that runs off of 12 vdc to work correctly. I’d love to help him, but I am in no position to jump on my Leer jet cause it ran out of fuel, lol….but if I had one with fuel, I’d go and help. Why not? At least you’d have 3 clueless people working on the bike, lmao.

  4. might be time to call a professional to help sort out the electrical issues stay well

  5. Just sayn you are 50% your wife makes the other 50% on these vids keep it up guy’s i like it., And also that little valve is called a petcock.

  6. Do any of you know how to wire a stator/ magneto ignition, I replaced the ignition primary coil on an 87 kdx 200 and can’t find anywhere on how to wire it, if yall have any ideas that would be great!

  7. You were going to prove you did not know electronics and ended up proving you didn’t know about the fuel flow. It’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Stan.

  8. Given it’s a 2 smoke someone probably has fiddled with the jets in the past and set it up for their elevation…but who knows

  9. You could print a new gauge face with the corrected RPMs and install it… If you can figure out the voltage problem.

  10. A two stroke will smoke a lot until warm. Two stroke Snowmobiles smoke bad when you first start them but once warmed up the smoke clears up. Mix you fuel at 40:1 and ride it awhile and see if it smokes a lot less.

  11. You can convert your AC power to DC with a capacitor. This will also smooth out the voltage. I’m not an expert on the topic, but I think you can get caps that discharge at a certain voltage, say 5 or 12 volts. If lower voltage is what you need to get the tac to work, you can throw some resistors inline until you get it “tuned” to the correct RPM.

    Or you can buy a 2 stroke tac, designed to run on A/C, which is realistically what you should do rather than creating a fire hazard.

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