$200 Kawasaki Dirt Bike – It Runs BAD

0 Kawasaki Dirt Bike – It Runs BAD
KDX200 part 5. I try to figure out why it’s running so rich. Mix ratio is 32:1, main jet 150, pilot jet 48, needle top clip.

6 thoughts on “$200 Kawasaki Dirt Bike – It Runs BAD

  1. Your wife is a hoot ! Love watching your videos and the look on your face when she doesn’t mince her words ? keep up the great work ??

  2. Dear Jakob, changing the crankshaft seals isn’t a big thing on those kind of engines. Look for it on YouTube, i’ve done ist on a fiew yzs’. Just by yousing a narrow woodscrew (spax) a screwdriver and a tong. The engine can stay in the frame, just dismount left an right engine parts to get to the basic case. Even the transmissionoil ” could” stay in in. Just lay the bike flat on the foor. Greetings from germany.

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