1976 Kawasaki KZ750 twin cafe racer motorcycle

1976 Kawasaki KZ750 twin cafe racer motorcycle
Video of my 1976 KZ 750b twin Motorcycle that i slightly modified with clubman bars and white vintage grips. I also added some white exhaust wrap and a vintage mx number plate. I wanted to make the modifications very minor so I can convert this one back to original at any time.

8 thoughts on “1976 Kawasaki KZ750 twin cafe racer motorcycle

  1. Hello, Did you ever try to run the bike without the battery, with just a battery-eliminator capacitor?

  2. no. To kick start this machine is a chore. It would take a fatter man than I.

  3. My biggest pet peeve is people who wait half the damn video to start it up, no reason we can’t listen to it while you show it off.

  4. Very nice. My ’76 750 Twin is nearly done. Needs paint and wiring completed, a pair of rear brake pads, and the pipes welded.

  5. You should see this bike now!  The fella I sold it too did a complete rebuild café style on it.  I will see if I can get him to post a video of it….

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