1975 Kawasaki KT250 Trials Motorcycle

1975 Kawasaki KT250 Trials Motorcycle
1975 Kawasaki KT250-A Trials Motorcycle

Manufactured: 4th Quarter 1974
Frame Serial# KT200078
Engine Serial# KT2E000021

Motorcycle was sold on eBay August 2009. Images can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/photos/49459292@N06/sets/72157623768020237/

The motorcycle is in excellent condition and has never been restored. Actual total mileage recorded is 3.1 miles. Previously owned by motorcycle legend Bob Hansen. He has an extensive background in motorcycle history directing both Honda’s and Kawasaki’s road racing efforts during the 1970’s. More of his accomplishments can be read at www.teamhansenhonda.com.

It is very early on in the production run with a serial number of 78. Upon arrival in the United States during October 1974, it was registered directly with Kawasaki Motors Corporation at their Santa Ana, California location prior to being passed on to Bob Hansen. Images of a portion of the included documentation illustrate this ownership history.

Bike is of the first years’ run, a 1975 KT250-A. The second years are the 1976 KT250-A2 models, which included several minor styling differences. The series was manufactured only for those two years. It displays several differences between it and later production copies. The left side magneto cover and right side oil pump cover have early “K” logo instead of “Kawasaki”. I’ve only seen this on the Kawasaki press photo when the bike was first introduced and on a factory competition trials bike. A copy of the press photo is included below. Also is the early use of small sized Phillips head mounting screws on the rear shock absorbers, which were replaced with larger ones in production.

The frame in a few places shows rather rough welding, particularly on the front down tubes. The electronic ignition module mounted underneath the fuel tank shows some smearing of the printed information. This may indicate that the bike was being hand assembled at that time before full production. An image of this module is included. The tires display almost no wear still showing the rubber spikes and excess molding material.

The original speedometer cable and fuel petcock have been replaced with factory NOS parts. The engine oil, fuel lines, air filter element, and spark plug have been changed. Work performed is occasional maintenance and extensive cleaning. Nothing has been patched or touched up. The frame is not cracked nor dented, and has not been welded. The carburetor, throttle, air intake, air filter, and engine and frame side covers have been removed for cleaning. Otherwise, nothing has been removed since original assembly.

Engine is still tight as would be expected on a new one with no air leaks. Usually starts on first kick and shifts smoothly through all gears. Not leaking oils anywhere. Kawasaki 2-stroke injector oil is used. Recommended 10w-30 Kawasaki oil is present in the crankcase. I have used fogging oil in the carburetor and cylinder during times of not operating. The fuel tank has had corrosion removed internally followed by a chemical liner using the 3 stage process from www.kreemproducts.net. Both front and rear lights including brake light work normally as does a horn.

The top of the fuel tank has a couple of small chips in the paint. It has no scratches nor dents anywhere. The left side headlight support nut has some of the chrome finish pealing off. The lower front fork tubes are slightly scratched. The lower forward portion of the frame just above the skid plate shows some scratches in the paint probably as a result of shipping. Several small paint chips in the headlight framework.

Included is an original copy of a parts catalog printed by Kawasaki in December 1974. Unless there is a KT250 with similar mileage and condition, this may be the earliest and original new condition example of the series still available anywhere.

15 thoughts on “1975 Kawasaki KT250 Trials Motorcycle

  1. I have one of these, not in amazing condition unfortunately but I am about to start restoring it, any tips for me? I assume if I’m missing any parts I’m screwed haha.

  2. There are a couple of sites on the Net that have original parts. Ebay is probably the best for reaching out to other collectors that are sitting on OEM parts. You are going to have to pay for the best stuff.
    Find another example if possible to salvage parts from.
    Everything on this bike is 100% original. The tires still had the rubber “nibs” on them. Can still obtain new tires from dedicated trials sites on Net.
    Restore it now before everything is gone. Best of luck.

  3. I’m getting ready to get one of these as my first bike.  Can you tell me what the top speed and mpg is on the bike?

  4. That baby’s in mint condition, I ought to know as I owned and rode a 1976 model much like it. Great little bike, should have never sold it. It had pin stripping in the white paint. Called her my “K” bike.

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