071013-17 Dropping The Motorcycle – Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10r

071013-17 Dropping The Motorcycle – Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10r
I wasn’t paying attention to the incline on the road. I was caught off guard, and my legs were way too short. I went past the point of no return.

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  1. “trip sensor” – haha, yeah, i just learned this the other day. At first you mentioned that you thought it was flooded, but it’s nearly impossible to flood a electronic fuel-injected (EFI) motor. So yeah, it wasn’t flooded, but when the bike tips over the tip sensor trips (like you said) and you have to turn the key to the off position and then back on to reset the computer/sensor. Notice how as soon as he turned the key to off and then on the bike started right up. 🙂

  2. I did this a few weeks ago on my sv650, except a little harder. My frame sliders ofcourse fell onto my foot and broke my toe. I even had steel toe motorcycle boots on lol.

  3. dont worry man everyone does it i did it on an 05 harley road king which is about 730 pounds and i can tell you its not the greatest feeling in the world knowing you dropped your bike but at least the damage was minor and it was only a foot peg that could easily be replaced rather then u tearing a muscle or something else that would really mess u up

  4. LOL..same exact thing happened to me..only had my bike for a week and laid the sucker down already..good thing i had another biker who helped me out..THEN laid it down again in my driveway on my left ankle! Thank god i watched the “how to pick up motorcycle” video and that helped me out a ton!! Worse part is, no sliders:/ i wanted to cry…

  5. YOUR LUCKY YOUR BATTERY DIDNT DIE ON YOU ,same thing happened to me and while on my zx6rr and while i was trying to start it i killed the battery LUCKY FOR ME KAWASAKI CANT SHIFT INTO SECOND GEAR WHILE BIKE IS MOVING UNDER 12MPH SO I HAD TO CALL A FRIEND WITH A PICK UP TO COME AND TAKE ME TO A REPAIR SHOP WHERE I COULD CHARGE MY BATTERY talk about embarrassing !

  6. you are lucky, I did that on my r1 and it broke the rearset so I drove home with only 1 leg being able to rest on a peg and the other one dangling off the bike. I had a 4 mile ride home like that, it was miserable!! It happens to all of us, it’s ok!

  7. I stopped at a stop sign, my foot slipped on some sand and the pavement was uneven, TIMBER! It sucks. Just a lack of concentration. It probably happens to everyone who rides a sports bike.

  8. Atleast you tried to hold it up, I know the feeling except in my case my friend helped me stop the bike from falling.

  9. same to me….mine was an uphill stop sign, I was thinking about something else and released the brake a little bit then the bike started to slide and loose balance..

  10. Thanks for posting this. At least a couple people going by stopped and offered to help you. I dropped my bike yesterday while I wasn’t paying attention and along with it being embarrassing, no one bothered to stop or even slow down to help.

  11. I dropped mine on both sides all within a week of each other, two months after buying it. I felt so silly..had stalled it out while trying to pull out from stops. I wasn’t paying enough attention! Luckily, I had people help me lift it, but man, I was kicking myself for the next month. It happens to the best of us though, and sure as hell beats full on crashing!

  12. Yeah you’re right. This happen to me last week haha. There was a weird dip in the street. Bike tipped and hit the ground. Only a nick on the exhaust and extender luckly.

  13. It’s the bank angle sensor. Turn key off so that the sensor can reset to the original position. Nice peg tho i want shorty pegs too 😉

  14. Ouch that sucks. Had the same thing happen to me. Fought it as long as I could but eventually had to lay it down.

  15. they are called sports bike for a reason. this guy sounds like a lazy fat piece of dog shit . his lungs seemed like they were going to explode.

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