05-06 Kawasaki ZX6R Motorcycle Extreme Makeover

05-06 Kawasaki ZX6R Motorcycle Extreme Makeover
A short film highlighting my old ZX6R’s life and its brilliant make over.

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36 thoughts on “05-06 Kawasaki ZX6R Motorcycle Extreme Makeover

  1. I apologize for asking a question you have been asked 3 times but, I was wondering also where you found those head light covers and the matching wind screen. I can’t find your answer anywhere in the comments. thank you and sweet bike man!

  2. Hey man I HAVE to know how you got the matching gas tank in orange. I can find fairings everywhere buy no idea how to get my gas tank to match whatever fairings!!!

  3. Dam. I thought that might be the case. Did you order in those fairings, put them on and then just head to a paint shop and ask them if the could colour match it? Just looking for advice I’m doing it this week but not sure where to start or how much it will cost to have it sprayed. You have the best looking zx6r out there so was hoping you could lead me in the right direction

  4. about the crash tho, u weren’t going that fast to make the turn, what happened? just target fixated ?

  5. bro was that crash on the twisty end section of coatesville nz?! Im back in england but used to hammer my zx6r around there, dairy flats and all though kaukapakapa – kumue ways. Got way too many tickets in the end and lost my license around there.
    Just picked up another zx6r here in the UK. Roads dont compare at all to nz though 🙁

  6. i’m currency rebuilding my brother’s zx6r but with minor damages. I bought it because he doesn’t want it anymore and it’s my dream bike.

  7. I Know This Is A Fairly Old Post, Bust Was Hoping For A Possible In-site On My Bike Build.
    I Have An 05 ZX6R 636 With Only 6800, And Already Have The Magma Orange Body But Really Like How You Guys Made Out On The Fairings In The Build, And Tail Light. Almost Looks As If You Did A Tail Swap, Honestly Cause I hate How Bubbly Mine Is.
    I Would Like To Speak With you Through Email If Possible And Get Some Pointers And Costs Or Part Lists Involving the Build To Re-due Mine?

  8. did you bougt a “china fairing” ? because i crashed too and now my front fairing is broken.. i searched for some used but in germany there are not many on the internet.. the new price is 570€..

  9. Those headlights are fucking awesome! Is that a tint film over the lense?

  10. Dude what happen you slid on leafs ? Couldn’t really tell why you crashed ? Do I have to say the bike came out fantastic…thanks for sharing , and good to see you came out okay..peace .

  11. Well done on the rebuild. Most people would have written it off I suspect. Looks great and that windshield/headlight covers combo looks sick. Black and orange combo has to be the nicest colour option ever.

  12. Hey man I have a question about this bike, are there two fairing parts covering the tank? Or is it one fairing part and just the tank? Did you have to get the tank painted?

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